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Packing shoes for a holiday

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Which shoes shall I pack for my holiday?

Assuming you’re heading to a sun-drenched tropical island, pack a few pairs of shoes that will survive an array of weather. Last thing you’d need (and I’m touching wood while saying this) is to arrive at your holiday destination and it’s pouring with rain and all you have are flat sandals packed. Us British are obsessed with the weather, so I’m sure you’ll be opening and closing the weather app in the days leading up to your holiday, but pack just to be sure! Our summer favourite is Nahla. A nude crossover flat sandal with crystal detailing. It’s the perfect nude flat sandals you’d snap a pic of for Instagram while lounging by the pool! As well as your new go-to flats, pack a barely there sandal that’s a little more ‘nightclub-y’ than ‘poolside-y’. If you decide to go out for the evening for dinner or to an event, you’d want to be prepared with a killer pair of sandals for cocktail hour. Silver Sandal - Nahla

What are the best shoes for a night out abroad?

Which brings us to this question; what shoes WOULD you wear on a night out? As I said, you can’t go wrong with a pair of barely there sandals. They’re so simple that they’d flatter any evening look you’d wear for a night out. Our go-to would be a pair of barely there, comfortable block heels sandals like Vanna. A block heel has that extra bit of stability that a flat shoe nor stiletto can provide. Never wear a flat shoe for a night out. Too many of my girlfriends have had people stepping on their flats while dancing and the result was bruises and a lot of cussing. Be sensible with the heel height as well. Even if you’re a Sarah Jessica Parker at walking in stilettos, be safe and wear a pair of comfortable high heels you know you’ll stay upright in! Silver Sandals with Glitter - Vanna

Which shoes are going to be the best for ‘working’ with multiple outfits in the day and night?

You’ll need to invest in a pair of shoes that can be used with multiple outfits. Assuming you’re going to want a pair of slider sandals to take with you, I’d suggest sticking to the neutral tones: blacks, tans and whites. These can be worn with a huge variety of outfits without making the fashion look drab. White is a key colour for the summer which will slowly move towards ‘spiced’ colours for autumn/winter – which tan sandals is perfect for. If you want something a little more classy for an evening out then I’d suggest a pair of peep toe heels. Occasion Shoes - Harding Tan

Packing light for a short break, which two pairs do I take?

Depending on where you’re travelling to, you need to determine what activities you’ll be doing. Make most of the shoes you’re packing, so no need to bring duplicates. Keep in mind that the tie of year counts. Winter periods requires knee high boots or durable court shoes. Spring/Autumn months you’d get away with ankle boots or peep toe sandals. Summer months are best left for flip flops or comfortable block heel sandals. Occasion shoes - Sugary Sandals

I am going away for a wedding, what should I wear?

First question for you…where are you heading?! Like the answers to the question above it really comes down to the time of year. If it’s during the Spring/Autumn in the UK then the weather is unpredictable so comfortable court shoes can never do you wrong. Don’t forget to think about your feet. If you’re wide fit, don’t try and cram your feet into a shoe you’ll find uncomfortable. If for example, you were wearing navy for this wedding, then invest in some navy wide fit heels! The colours will tie in nicely and you feet will be nice and snug all day. If the bride and groom are having a beach wedding, first of all take me with you! Pack a smart wedge espadrille shoe, as it’s not as casual as wearing sandals on the beach but you’d still be able to walk in them. Then again if it is a beach wedding then you’ll probably be asked to go barefoot! Silver Sandals - Yolanda
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