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What can I wear in the office (and get it right)?

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Shall I wear, heels or sandals to work in the summer?

The answer to this question varies from job to job. You wouldn’t necessarily wear a pair of silver flat sandals to a board meeting with twenty other people or a pair of 5 inch heels if your job requires a lot of walking. The best way to approach this is to know your uniform requirements. If you have a job that is in an office and the company are lax with what you wear, then a pair of flat sandals is perfectly acceptable! If your uniform requires you to dress smart, then comfortable heels for work are a must. Given the UK’s current up and down weather patterns, you may want to check the forecast before you decide! Low heel silver sandals

Should I change shoes for my commute or find something more comfortable that I can wear all day?

You would be surprised how many people I see (especially at 6:30am) wearing big comfy trainers on the train. It might look odd to see a woman dressed in a beautiful blouse and skirt and then a pair of chunky gym shoes, but you can be sure of one thing – she’s sensible. At that time of the morning, no one really pays attention to what you’re wearing on your feet because people are still pining for a coffee. The fact is, if you work in an environment where you’re always on your feet, you would want to preserve them as much as you can. Although if you’re embarrassed about your tattered but reliable pair of sneakers then you could always take a look at something a little more stylish but just as comfy, like our Zeera white embellished trainers. On the other hand if you’d rather abstain from the trainers then choose a shoe with a sensible heel, especially peep toe heels. This is just for added comfort to make sure your feet don’t swell only after a couple of hours wearing them! Occasion Shoes Embellished Trainers

What are the rules for matching bags and shoes during the day?

Rules? You want to talk about rules…and fashion? At this point in the game its safe to say that anything goes. One thing to keep in mind though is that the accessories of your outfit should compliment each other. So if glitter clutch bags are your thing then finding a matching shoe in a similar material is ideal. If you’re planning your bridal outfit then the classic styles are envelope clutch bags. Styles like our Hampton ivory sandals are the perfect match for our Daisie envelope clutch bags. They’re both pearl and crystal encrusted in the same way so add a little extra detail to your wedding outfit. Hampton Daisie Glitter Clutch Bag

I am on my feet most of the day and I need something comfortable that also looks good, what do you recommend?

Comfortable heels are a must for women in all scenarios. Whether you’re about to walk down the aisle, or you have that all-important business meeting, you don’t want to be distracted by your sore feet! You can never go wrong with a kitten heel. They might be a vintage style, but kitten heels are a trending statement in fashion and they’re stylish enough to look good in a smart or casual look. Get to know your feet better. If you can’t wear a heel at all then don’t make your feet suffer! Look for a pair of stylish trainers or comfortable flat shoes that can be worn with a variety of clothes. Take our Zeera white pearl embellished trainers. They might look like a bridal shoes, but they can be customised with dresses or even jeans for a trendy but comfortable fashion statement. Occasion Shoes with a Peep Toe

I don’t always have time to go home after work and change, what can I wear that I can pull off casually for dinner or a date?

A sensible sandal or a classic court shoe. Neither can go wrong. If you’d like to go vintage, we’d always suggest something like navy peep toe heels. Peep toes are the sexy style that were popular in the 1940’s as a way of being ‘cheeky’ by showing off the toes. They’ve become more popular again in recent years and it’s a nod to the vintage styles while still being formal enough for both work and for a date. Alternatively, a ‘barely there’ sandal (an ankle strap sandal with a singular toe band) is a very smart shoe for an office environment, but is still a sexy date-worthy shoe. Silver Heel Sandals

I have wide feet, can I still find an open sandal for summer that will still be flattering?

Of course you can! At Paradox London, we pride ourselves in comfortable and stylish footwear and in recent years we have put this focus into wide fit heels. You’ll need to look for a pair of sandals with slim straps which compliments the feet rather than a chunky heel. Our styles such as Hilma and Hero are total opposites. One is a barely there sandal and the other is strappy sandal across the toe box. Hilma is a great pair of wide fit silver heels that can be worn either with casual fashion or something slightly more formal. Hero we’d class as a ‘prom shoe’ but this doesn’t mean it’s solely for proms. It may suit an outfit that’s slightly more formal, but that doesn’t mean to say they won’t look good with a pair of jeans! Know your foot type. We cater for feet from E fits to EE fits. We also do EEE fit shoes but these are primarily bridal, so if you are a bride searching for the perfect wide fit bridal shoes then take a look! Occasion Wide Fit Shoes
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