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The Big Night: Summer Prom

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How do I stand out but also fit in with my choice of shoes?

I will give you one piece of advice that goes far; COMPLIMENTS. No, not as in the compliments people give you (although they will when you heed this advice), but the compliments of fashion. Delicate palette colours such as baby pinks, blue and greens look fabulous with gold prom shoes. If your dress is a solid colour like an electric blue, then slip on a pair of mustard coloured prom shoes. Two polar opposite colours like his really do compliment so well and will absolutely make a statement when you walk into the room! If you’re not keen on high heels then wear something you’ll know you can survive in. The most comfortable heels for dancing are those with a slightly smaller heel, don’t feel pressured into wearing skyscrapers if you’re not keen on the idea! A pair of silver prom shoes with a kitten heel will look princess-worthy with just about any dress so you can’t really go wrong! Clutch Bag & Silver Sandals

How do I coordinate a matching bag and shoes with my prom dress?

Silver Luxury Occasion Shoes Look for the finer details of your dress. If you dress has a sash or belt with densely packed diamantes, then look for a shoe and matching bag with similar qualities. For example our nude Vista sandals are a very soft pin k suede with a diamante band on the toe and goes perfectly with our Delia blush clutch bag. Although the materials and colours are slightly different, the sandals are pale enough not to draw attention away from the dress and the bag gives a little more colour to make the outfit ‘pop’. If you have a very simple, if not plain dress (which still looks just as elegant in my opinion) then silver glitter shoes and matching silver glitter clutch bags will add a bit of texture to the dress and compliment the simplicity of it.

What shoes shall I wear if I want to dance all night?

Comfortable heels for prom are a must. If you’ve never really walked in high stiletto heels before then don’t feel you need to do it to impress people. Zeera Trainers - Occasion Shoes Wear exactly what you know you’ll be comfortable with. Flat prom shoes are still an option if you’re unsure with any kind of heel. Usually prom is at the end of the academic year in the summer months, so you could wear a pair of flat shoes and still look stylish. You might want to watch your step as flat sandals are not the best for dancing in! If you w ant to be a trendy prom girl, then wear a long silhouetted dress (in a bold colour of course) and slip into a pair of our Zeera trainers. A pair of pearl embellished trainers like our will be so comfy to wear and dance in but will look so stylish at the same time!

How do I coordinate with my date or match his corsage? (shoes and bag of complimentary colour)

Rainbow Silver Heel Sandals Communication is key! Don’t just tell them the colour and hope for the best! If it’s a best mate or a good friend, there’s nothing stopping you from having a day out and enjoying shopping around for outfits and colour schemes. If they happen to be a love interest then this is a prime opportunity to get to know them more! Go out and grab a decaff coffee and discuss what you both want to wear and decide on a colour together. Plan your outfit around the colour you choose. If your chosen colour is a pastel shade then any prom shoes in a complimentary pastel shade will work. If you’re unsure about what colour will look good then opt for black prom shoes. They’re simple, work with just about anything and always look good.

I want to make my outfit a bit more my own, what can I do?

Have you ever considered having your shoes dyed? We have an in-house colour gallery which can be used on our range of dyeable ivory shoes. Looking for shoes in the exact shade of the corsage you picked out? Not a problem. We use a fabric swatch from you (we’ve even had entire dresses sent in before) to get the closest match as possible for the dye. Our dye team take special care to ensure the shoes are absolutely perfect before sending them out. Need a matching bag too? We also do dyeable clutch bags that can be dyed at the same time as the shoes so they’re the perfect match. Having some ivory prom shoes and bag dyed will be that little bespoke detail that’ll make your prom night unforgettable! Dyable Satin Occasion Shoes
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