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Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

For over 17 years we have made it our mission to create beautiful & comfortable wedding shoes and deliver them to happy brides all over the world. Handmade with attention to detail and incorporating our comfort technology. We hope that you’ll find your perfect match for your special day.

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After your dress, shoes are the most important piece of your wedding outfit, whether you are the bride, a guest or a key member of the bride or groom’s party. Make sure your shoes do you and the rest of your outfit justice and work to flatter rather than fall flat.

Our collection covers beautifully made, stylish and comfortable wedding shoes in a variety of categories ranging from clean and traditional to modern and eye catching. Building on 30 years of experience making wedding and bridal shoes our shoes will make your day extra special. Our collection focuses on clean and neutral colours (but offer a range of other colour options) that are designed to perfectly complement and enhance a wedding gown or outfit whatever the style. We pride ourselves not only on the versatility and variety of our collections, but also the embellishments and choice of fabrics the harness unique characteristics.

After choosing the fabric that will help you to really feel like you, the next option is heel height. Of course our collection of wedding shoes boasts an impressive range of heel heights and types; from delicate, flat bridal shoes to platform wedding shoes we have heels for everyone. All of our bridal shoes are designed with sophisticated comfort technologies that support your feet and ensure you can keep going all night long, no matter what style of shoe you choose.

Our complete range offers something for everyone, no matter what style of wedding you are attending and your role in the ceremony and celebrations. In addition to making gorgeous bridal shoes, we are also dedicated to making a range of shoes for any, guest or special attendee. Exclusion is not our style. As such we also specialise in making both wide fit wedding shoes and large size wedding shoes so that no matter what size or shape of your foot, you can find something flattering and beautiful to wear.

For the bride, mother or the bride, maid of honour or another special guest we are often asked if we know a way to make their shoes feel a little more special. Of course, our range features some very special shoes with features such as lavish embellished detailing and satin finishes to name but a few. However, for those who want something very different we offer a bespoke dying service so that you can really make your wedding shoes your own.

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