Wide Fit Wedding Shoes

Wide Fit Wedding Shoes

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Wide Fit Bridal Shoes

Wide Fit Wedding Shoes

Here at Paradox London, we know how important it is to feel comfortable on your special day.

Whether you have a naturally wider foot, or are just looking for some extra comfort, our wide fit wedding shoes are all

designed with you in mind. Whether you normally fit into a wider style, want extra comfort or even have health issues

such as bunions, we know how important it is to still want to feel stylish.

If you're looking for fashionable wide fitting shoes for any occasion, we're sure you'll find it here.

We want to show you some of our top sellers for our wide fit bridal heels for your special day when wanting superior

comfort without sacrificing style. Each of these styles is in a classic Ivory satin, which is perfect for wide foot brides who

want an elegant finish to their day. These styles do differ in finish featuring diamante trims, T-bar detail or mesh inserts

and differ in heel size for those brides who want variation. You’ll find the perfect pair for maximum comfort.

Avalyn Wide Fit Wedding Shoes

Avalyn Wide Fit Court Shoes

For brides who are looking for a simple yet classy wide fit bridal shoe, the Avalyn is perfect for you.

The Avalyn features a low heel with ruched upper detailing, sealed with a crystal trim and is perfect for a wide foot bride

who wants maximum comfort throughout the day. The ankle strap offers support for your foot whilst the soft silk material

offers a classy and elegant finish. The Avalyn is perfect for a wide foot bride who wants a winter wedding and a touch of sparkle.

The vintage heel is both fashionable as well as a comfortable alternative to a stiletto heel.

Beccy Wide Fit Wedding Shoes

Beccy Wide Fit T-Bar Peep Toes

For the brides wanting a vintage touch to their wedding day, the Beccy is the perfect match.

The details of the Beccy make it perfect for those brides who want a vintage theme to their day and

will match perfectly with a 50’s style dress and veil! Sitting on a low slim heel will add comfort without losing

your sense of unique style. The Beccy also features a T-bar strap which cleverly elongates the foot, and with added sparkle,

you won’t stop staring at your feet all day! For those conscious of comfort, Beccy also has a

cap ankle and a soft padded insole for maximum support.

Bonnie Wide Fit Bridal Sandals

Bonnie Wide Fit T-Bar Sandals

Similar to the Beccy, our Bonnie is also a T-bar sandal with slightly different design.

The simple satin heel features a modern cross pattern with an elegant jewel to finish.

Feet tend to have a habit of expanding as they get hotter the cross pattern on the upper allows your feet to be breathable for your

special occasion. The T-bar allows for maximum comfort and the cap ankle offers maximum support.

Bonnie is a perfect companion for a shorter dress, so you can show off your heels on your special day.

Another plus with the Bonnie style is that they are made in a dyeable satin, so if you wish to dye them to match another outfit,

you can wear them again and again!

Holden Wide Fit Block Heel Sandals

Holden Wide Fit Block Heel Sandals

Our Holden style is a beautiful block heel sandal, perfect for those summer weddings.

The Holden features a block heel which offers slightly more support than a stiletto style heel,

especially if you’ll be doing a lot of dancing! The upper is slightly wider in order to give extra support for your big day,

featuring hand stitched diamante detailing for that extra touch of sparkle.

An ankle strap is also vital when looking for a shoe with superior comfort, as it keeps your foot in place all day and so you

can avoid losing your shoe in a Cinderella moment!

Nora Wide Fit Platform Sandals

Nora Wide Fit Platform Sandals

Our Nora style is a wide fit platform to add that extra elevation without compromising comfort.

Featuring the T-bar detailing to help elongate the foot, it also features a modern addition of diamante and mesh to allow

for a stylish wide fit wedding shoe. The Nora also comes in Champagne and Silver glitter, which makes it the

perfect shoe for the entire bridal party. The Nora can be worn in with a vintage style dress or even a modern mermaid tail,

it allows you to feel supported on your big day.

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