Wide Fit Party Shoes: Finding the Perfect Pair

Wide Fit Party Shoes: Finding the Perfect Pair

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Wide Fit Party Shoes: Finding the Perfect Pair

Finding the perfect pair of party shoes can be a challenge, especially if you have wider feet.

But with a little bit of extra effort and some creative thinking, it's definitely possible to find a comfortable and stylish pair of wide fit party shoes.

Take Your Time

First, it's important to understand that wide fit shoes are not always readily available in traditional shoe stores.

It's a good idea to start your search online, as there are many retailers that specialize in wide fit shoes.

Look for retailers that offer a wide range of sizes and widths, and be sure to read customer reviews to see what others have said about the fit and comfort of the shoes.

Here at Paradox London, we have a large selection of wide fit styles as well as standard fit shoes.

We want to make sure everyone is able to feel comfortable as well as stylish!

Glory Sling Back Vintage Heel Glitter Crystal

Straps And Buckles

When shopping for wide fit party shoes, consider opting for shoes that have adjustable straps or buckles.

These types of closures allow for a more custom fit, making them a great option for people with wider feet.

Another option is to look for shoes that are made with stretchy or flexible materials, as these types of shoes are often more flexible and adjustable to fit the feet better.

We have many styles with a comfortable strap.

Our most popular wide fit style is the Glory heel, which has a comfortable sling back for extra comfort.

The Glory is available in Champagne, Navy and Silver, why not collect them all!

Janet Shimmer Wedge Heel with Buckle

Heel Height

When looking for wide fit party shoes, it's also important to consider heel height.

If you're not used to wearing heels, it's best to start with a lower heel and work your way up.

Many wide fit shoes come with a lower heel, allowing for extra stability and comfort.

Wedge shoes and flats are also a great option for those who prefer not to wear heels.

A new wedge style we have here is our Janet strappy sandal.

It is perfect for special occasions, as well as everyday wear.

The Janet is available in Black, Champagne and Silver.

The variety of colours are perfect for the summer months and a comfortable style.

Theresa Sandal with Small Heel and Mesh Inserts

Dancing Queen

When trying on wide fit party shoes, make sure to bring along the socks or hosiery that you plan to wear on the party night.

This will give you a more accurate idea of how the shoes will feel and fit during the party.

Also, make sure to walk around in the shoes and take some dance steps to make sure they are comfortable to move around in.

Some perfect dancing shoes are our Theresa mid heel sandals.

The Theresa sandal is available in Champagne, Navy and Silver.

The mid heel is perfect for adding a little bit of height without sacrificing comfort.

Hilde Strappy Block Heel Sandals


Another important aspect to keep in mind when buying wide fit party shoes is the material of the shoes.

It is important to choose shoes made of breathable materials such as leather or satin, to ensure your feet stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

A breathable heel we have available is our Hilde sandal.

Hilde is a stylish strappy block heel sandal which allows for comfort and breathability with the open sides.

Hilde is available in Champagne and Silver.


In conclusion, wide fit party shoes may require a bit more effort to find, but the reward is a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes that will make you feel confident and beautiful on your party night.

Remember to take your time to find the perfect pair, and don't be afraid to think outside the box!

If you cannot find anything you fancy in this collection, be sure to check out our other styles online.

For regular updates, follow us on our Instagram.

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