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Boots, Heels & Silver Sandals for Colder Nights

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I want something that looks stunning and unique, what do you recommend?

As we’re getting further into the colder months, it’s time to start thinking practical. Although most women would argue that barely there silver sandals are still optional to add a bit of dazzle during the mid-winter, why not wear something a little bit warmer and stylish? We have now introduced four new stunning ankle boots that are the perfect accessory for a girls night out. These boots; ‘Olivia’, ‘Olympia’, ‘Octavia’ and ‘Oceanna’ are adorned with glistening crystal embellishments and shimmer fabric which make them a little more special than your average boots. A great match for any of these boots would be our Desirée clutch bags. The glitter detailing on the front of the bag would complement the boots beautifully. Occasion Shoes - Olivia Boots

I love glitz and glitter and having fun what styles would you recommend to give my outfit these qualities?

Ooh where to start?! If you’re a ‘middle of the dancefloor’ kinda girl, then you’ll need a silver sandal or any shoe that catches the light. Silver Sandals - HannaleeFor this we’d recommend out ‘Reanne’ peep toe silver sandals.The metallic fabric of the lower and straps of the shoe reflect the light, and the glitter on the upper shimmers in the dazzling lights.If you’re looking for something you can wear day-to-day, then our ‘Hannalee’ oil slick black sandals are a mermaid lover’s dream. Iridescent in the light, snake print and a simple design, these shoes can be worn with just about anything but will give added tszuj to your outfit.

I am going to a roof top bar, what shoes are best?

With a relaxed environment such as this, it wouldn’t help to be a little classy. Although there are no dress codes when it comes to rooftop bars, a sensible silver sandal or two-part court shoe will do the trick nicely. Luxury Occasion Shoes in RedCourt shoes have always been a traditional and classic shoe, but a two-part give a slightly more contemporary and stylish flare. If you’re looking to stand apart from the crowd, then you’ll need shoes that are guaranteed to turn heads. Take a look at our ‘Channah’ hot pink two-part courts. The combination of the colour, the heel height and the bow detail on the vamp make for a stylish but simple addition to your outfit and make you feel like you’re wearing your prom shoes all over again.

I am going to a nice restaurant, what shoes are best?

It helps to plan ahead by checking what the dress code for the restaurant is. If it’s a fancy restaurant then it may be a ‘jacket only’ code. This would mean that men are required to wear a shirt, tie and jacket and women are expected to wear something of a modest, elegant nature. Gladiator Silver SandalsAlthough there are no rules against it, one would avoid wearing any kind of sandals (especially silver sandals- sad as it makes us) it is best to avoid showing the toes if the dress code is this formal. If the code is anything less than formal, or perhaps the restaurant do not have a dress code, you’re good to wear about any style as long as it’s elegant. If you’re going out for a nice meal, you wouldn’t want to wear a dirty pair of old trainers, would you? Try something like our ‘Raven’ gladiator-style heeled silver sandals. They’re super glitzy and the perfect companion for a romantic restaurant meal.

I am going to go clubbing, what shoes are best?

Let’s say for argument’s sake that you’ll be having a few drinks before/whilst clubbing. If that’s the case then nine times out of ten you won’t feel the pain in your feet if you’re not wearing comfortable heels (although I can’t comment on the pain the day after). Silver Sandal Glitter HeelsIf that were the case then you can go all-out with the shoes you wear to a club. The majority of women out there wear stiletto sandals or strappy silver sandals to a club. As you’ll be dancing in a hot environment, your feet are likely to swell and wearing closed toe shoes can lead to discomfort. High and sparkly are your go-to shoes for this setting and we’d suggest none other than our ‘Helena’ glitter-backed knotted silver sandals. The perfect party shoes for party feet.
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