How To Pick The Right Mother of the Bride Shoes

How To Pick The Right Mother of the Bride Shoes

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Mother of the bride shoes & bags

Mother Of The Bride Shoes

At Paradox London, we know how important it is to find comfortable mother of the bride (or groom!) shoes.

There are so many important things to think about for the special day, especially finding the perfect balance between comfort and style.

We have curated some of our most popular of mother of the bride shoes to give you some inspiration.

Mother of the bride shoes with matching bag


Making sure your feet look as elegant as possible for the big day is a must for a lot of mothers of the bride.

This is a perfect occasion to go all out and wear shoes that make you look and feel a million dollars!

A chic slimmer heel always adds elegance whilst a pointed toe adds a feminine feel as it elongates the foot.

We recommend a shoe such as the Kennedy, which comes in a fabulous Champagne and Silver.

The cross strap with diamante detailing at the front of the shoe makes sure your feet stay secure during the big day

and stay on to party all night long! If you have a slightly wider foot or need a bit more room in your heel, we also

offer the Philippa wide fit style which is similar to the Kennedy. The Philippa features a metallic cross strap at the front with the

pointed toe detail. An extra essential for the big day is a matching bag for another touch of elegance,

also for carrying some spare tissues! Both these styles come in our fabulous glitter material which match perfectly with our Darcy handbag.

The Darcy handbag is an elegant clutch bag with envelope opening which echoes the pointed toe of the Philippa and Kennedy perfectly.

As another touch of sophistication, these styles all come in our Champagne and Silver glitter which can be matched with your chosen colour jewellery.

Low Heel Mother of the bride shoes

Heel Choice

A very important factor for any mother of the bride is choosing the right heel height.

Do not feel too much pressure to wear stiletto heels, after all, you want to be able to dance all night and not have sore feet the next day!

Some choose to pack a pair of flats for dancing in, but one may not have enough room in their handbag, so it’s best to invest in some

comfortable shoes for all day wear. Here at Paradox London, we have a wide selection of flat occasion shoes, perfect for the mother of the bride.

Our Inaya court shoe is a perfect choice for those who want a touch of elegance but not the heel.

The Inaya has a pointed toe and cross strap to help elongate the foot. Furthermore, for maximum comfort, the Inaya has a padded in-sock,

perfect for all day wear. As a wide fit alternative, our Francis style sits on a slightly higher but sturdy block heel to help

give you the illusion of wearing heels. Both these are in our fabulous glitter material which match perfectly with the Daytona clutch bag.

A mother of the bride should not wear heels if they feel pressured or feel the need to do so for tradition.

A pair of stylish flats work just as well and you’ll be able to stand all day and dance all night.

Chester & Juno - Mother of the bride shoes

Time of Year

It is important to consider what time of year your son or daughter is getting married, nothing is worse than wearing a fabulous

pair of stiletto heels and they start sinking into grass! We do have all round footwear for the mother of the bride,

but we do have some styles which work better in the summer and winter. For example, our Juno style shoe sits on a wedge

heel which is perfect for a summer wedding, as they usually take place on a beach or a garden lawn, the wedge heel allows you

to stand comfortably on these surfaces without getting stuck. A wedge heel is one of the most versatile styles, as it would pair perfectly

with a chic jumpsuit or dress up a fabulous dress. Meanwhile, the Chester heel in a similar style has a kitten heel which will be

perfect for a more autumnal or winter wedding. The kitten heel is one of the most in demand heel style for the 2023, coming

back into mainstream fashion with a bang. Both these styles feature a classy, scalloped edge detail with peep toe, which is perfect for

breathability. This also allows extra room if your feet tend to expand slightly during the day and ensure maximum comfort.

Mother of the bride shoes and bags

A Bit of Sparkle

Since this is a very special occasion, it’s the perfect time to get dressed up and show off some sparkles!

For some sparkling sandals perfect for the mother of the bride, our Ingrid and sister wide fit sandal Nadia are perfect for

mother of the brides that want to add a bit of fun to any look! The Ingrid is our standard fit sparkle block heel sandal

that feature a figure of eight strap with mesh inserts for extra glamour. The Nadia which is our wide fit block heel glitter sandal

have a similar figure of eight T-bar detail with diamante detail. The Ingrid and Nadia are a perfect fit for the mother

of the bride as they add elegance to any special occasion without compromising of comfort. Mother of the brides usually

spend most of their time on their feet! Rushing around and making sure the day goes as smooth as possible, comfort is essential.

These two styles match perfectly with our Deja bag which features a soft curve flap and scattered with crystals,

they are a match made in heaven! The Deja also comes with a detachable chain strap, so one can alternate between a

clutch and shoulder bag, perfect for any mother of the bride on the go!

The most important thing to remember for mother of the bride is that you are comfortable!

It is already a very stressful day, being on your feet all day, shoes are the last thing that should be bringing tears to your eyes!

Whether you’re after something more formal such as a pointed toe stiletto, or something more casual like a peep toe wedge,

at Paradox London, we have a wide range of silhouettes such as sandals with block heels and ankle straps for a practical

choice for garden or beach weddings. Or even something more formal such as a kitten heel with shimmering embellishments.

If for those who have a more traditional taste, we offer timeless slip-on heels in classic ivory satin.

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