I love the summer. True that we get weather that’s a little up and down, but in recent weeks it’s been balmy and beautiful. A lot of people I know have been complaining that it’s too hot, but after all we are British, and we are known to whine about the weather. But other than this gorgeous weather there’s something else I love about summer; Wimbledon. If I didn’t have to work, I’d spend all day in the garden listening to or watching the games while eating endless supplies of strawberries and cream. However if I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t be writing this right now, so count your lucky stars!

When it comes to Wimbledon, the only two colours I think about are the whitest white, and a luscious green. I always thought that an all-white uniform was a bit counterproductive as it’s so easy to stain, especially where grass is.. well everywhere. A bit of digging found that it was customary in the 1800s, especially for women, to wear white as sweat marks through coloured clothing was ‘unseemly’. It’s become institutionalised, and even today it’s become more strict, with players only being allowed to wear a strip of colour no more than 1cm thick.

Taking this into consideration, if you were going to Wimbledon, what can you do to look your best? Answer: wear white. It’s such a wonderful shade because it’s bright, classy, and the epitome of summer. While we may not be able to suggest a good dress or hat to take with you, we can suggest a great pair of shoes!

Fortunately, there is no dress code for Wimbledon. However if you’re visiting centre court (which I’m not, so don’t tease me if you are) it’s encouraged to dress smartly. After all, the players are making an effort to create an outfit that adheres to the strict all-white code, so spectators will want to follow suit.

Carenza - Ivory £65.00


For a classic comfortable court shoe, I would suggest the sumptuous ‘Carenza’. Sure, she may be ivory, but you wouldn’t know the difference strutting around centre court. Especially when other guests will be eyeing your shoes with greed. The silver lining detail of the trim, and infinity knot will be the gorgeous finishing touch to your outfit.

Haydyn - Ivory £27.50


Not feeling like wearing heels? Go for flats! I can’t stress enough that flats are stylish, appropriate and super comfortable when you need it most. Take ‘Haydyn’ for example. The comfort lining will keep your feet comfortable and breathing all day (which is necessary in this heat), and the corsage on the toe is a beautiful summery finishing touch.

Nirvana - Silver £24.50


If you’re not feeling the white/ivory look, then go for something with a little more sparkle to it. After all, we have plenty of bright sunlight, so we might as well use it! Grab a pair of our silver sandals ‘Nirvana’. The metallic material used on these sandals is so shiny that they glisten and sparkle with rainbow colours in the light. Try them out for yourself!

If you’re going to Wimbledon this year, look your best and soak up that sun as much as possible (using sun block of course!).