What shoes shall I wear for my graduation?

You’ve done it. Years of pulling all-nighters in the University library and early morning lectures had paid off. There’s just one more literal step you have to take before you get your degree – walking across the stage. The last thing you’ll want on your mind is the nightmare of falling on stage. silver sandals hattice That being said, what should you wear on your feet for such an important day? Well, sandals are the unofficial official go-to shoes to wear at graduation. Something sparkly like silver diamante sandals  to show off your personality, considering the rest of you is covered in a gown. The ‘in’ colours for this season are spice shades. So vibrant reds, deep oranges, tans, nudes, and even forest green and saturated fuscias. Stick to what you know. It might seem appealing to go straight for some high, high heels. Block wedges and strappy sandals are still popular in fashion trends, so there’s no need to go for skyscrapers. We have a range of iridescent shoes like our ‘Hattice’ glitter rainbow sandals or our ‘Hannalee’ dark mermaid barely there sandals. If you’d prefer something more simple, then our ‘Lydia’ silver strappy sandals are classic but a simple design.  

Should I bring multiple pairs of shoes?

Graduations, while a momentous part of your education, are fairly short and features a lot of sitting down. The chances are that if you were to invest in a pair of statement shoes for this occasion, you won’t need to change into different shoes. silver court shoesHowever it is always important to have a contingency plan with events such as this. If it were to rain on the day, and in the UK the chance of precipitation is as common as delays on the London Underground, then you’ll need something to change into. It’s always a great idea to think ahead. So finding a gorgeous and comfy pair of shoes with a heel height you know you can wear, can help you avoid having to carry around a second pair of shoes. If you are concerned that you’ll need something more comfortable, pack a pair of pumps like our Sweetie ivory lace flats. They’re super cute, super comfy and are comfort-guaranteed.

Does it matter where I went to university, should this effect the shoes I wear?

Glitter Sandals with a Peep Toe Of course not! If you’re thinking that because you didn’t go to Oxford University and that you’re “not worthy” of wearing classy statement court stilettos then stop right there, honey. Unless your graduation was in the middle of a muddy field while its pouring with rain, I think it’s safe to say that you can wear just about any shoe you would like. Something to check is the University guidelines for graduation. In most cases there’s a general rule of thumb, which is to dress smart, but nothing too rambunctious. The inappropriateness of your shoes however, is up to you. If you can confidently walk in a straight line to receive your degree in a whopping pair of 12cm silver heeled sandals, then you should absolutely do so. If you’re not comfortable then wear something much lower and covered in glitter, like our Rosie vintage peep toe heels. Style over comfort is always a must.  

I want to look good, but I don’t want to wear shoes I’m not comfortable. I especially don’t want to trip, what do you recommend?

In this instance, stability is key. It’s a little bit like a wedge heel. Do you not like high heels but feel that you can confidently wear a thick silver wedge sandals? That’s because the block heel is on a larger surface area than a skinny stiletto. You’re also in luck because thick block heels and cone-shaped heels are a trending style for footwear, so you can feel stable and secure as well as looking fashionable. If you’re interested in the cone-shaped heel, then you’ll love our ‘Reanne’ or ‘Rosie’ peep toe heels. If you’d prefer a much more stable block heel, then check out our Vanna silver sandals which come in varying colours and would be a beautiful accessory to wear at a graduation.