Superstition ain’t the way, or is it? We were working in the office the other day, and one of our designers had a mini heart-attack when we put a pair of new shoes on the table. It got me thinking; why are we so superstitious, and why are we even more so on our wedding day – even if we don’t believe in superstitions? I’ve done a little research and have gathered together the biggest superstitions of wedding days, and hopefully I can debunk a few – if not all. It’ll put your mind to some rest on the big day!

Something Old, New, Borrowed… oh shush!

We’ve all heard of this rhyme, it’s been warbled throughout history and many of us know it quite well – even if we don’t know the meanings behind it. Wearing ‘something old’ represents the brides past, and her maturing to where she is now. The ‘something new’ is a symbol for introducing a new chapter, and wishing the couple a happy future. ‘Something borrowed’ is supposed to be given by someone who is already happily married, in the hopes that their luck is rubbed off on the bride. Finally, the ‘something blue’ denoted fidelity and love. Here in the UK, we have a final verse on the rhyme which is ‘and a silver sixpence in her shoe’. All I will say is good luck finding a sixpence now, unless you want to drop in a 5p and a 1p coin (which doesn’t work anyway if you’re wearing silver sandals, or any type of sandal for that matter). The sixpence was a traditional gift from the father which symbolises his blessing on the marriage, and to wish his daughter prosperity for the future. Even if you’re not superstitious, they make quite cute gifts.

Veil of Protection

This was a traditional custom that originates from Rome, where a veil was worn whilst the bride walks down the aisle to protect her from evil and jealous spirits. I don’t know what help a veil would to against supernatural forces, but it’s a nice gesture. Adding to this though, this is also where the idea of bridesmaids came from (not only there for helping the bride). Traditionally, bridesmaids were dressed in white and stood by the bride at the alter so the jealous forces and evil spirits would become confused and unable to locate the true bride. Neat, huh?

Rainy Days

Some people believe that if it rains on your wedding day, the couple are destined to be unhappy, or ultimately divorce. It’s completely untrue, as other cultures believe it to be a good omen, which symbolises cleansing and fertility. If it rains on your wedding day, be thankful!

Cutting Edge

According to some folklore, if you’re given a knife (which would be odd.. a singular knife?) or knives as a wedding present, it brings about broken relationships and bad luck. Personally I would find it handy, so I don’t have to go to John Lewis myself. If it still bothers you, then pass it on to your mother, it’ll technically ‘void’ the bad luck, and she gets a brand-new set of knives!

To Me, To You

Why do we still carry brides over the threshold? It’s a really sweet gesture, but I’m not risking my head being whacked on the side of the door frame. This superstition dates back to Medieval times in Europe, where many believe that a bride was vulnerable through the soles of her feet. Allowing her to walk into her new home could bring evil spirits and bad luck in the home. Which doesn’t make sense because surely she’s been walking around all day, and he’ll have to put her down at some point? That’s a fun thought; evil spirits living between your toes.

The Bells

You can always tell when a wedding has just taken place because you hear the sound of ringing bells resonating throughout the town. In Irish culture, ringing bells is said to scare off the demons and spirits that would otherwise deter the bride, and allow the newlyweds to live a harmonious family life. Personally, I just think it’s a way of alerting people for miles around that I’ve just gotten married, and it’s might special day, not theirs. So na-nana-naa-nah!

Don’t let the fear of superstitions ruin your wedding day. Religious customs and beliefs are of course perfectly acceptable, but don’t cancel your entire day because a spider crawled onto your wedding dress! Just focus on not tripping up down the runway!