Did you have a good morning getting in to work today? The first thing I noticed was that it couldn’t be more miserable outside. Rain, cloud, and that blustery wind that does nobody any favours. Then it got me wondering; what do you do if you were to wake up on your wedding day, and find out the weather is as miserable as today? (In the UK, that’s a 90% chance of happening).

The best way to prepare for this kind of problem is a pre-emptive strike. It all comes down to the planning, so I’ll give you a little advice on ideas that can help you to avoid a soaked wedding day.

weather umbrella

Working with the Weather

Firstly, think ahead. You’ll know your wedding date long in advance (unless you’re having an express wedding, which will make things much more fun). You’ll know the time of year, and can roughly guess what the weather will be like. However, don’t be fooled because mother nature can’t be. It can be in the middle of summer, and yet a perfectly timed storm can come thundering through your wedding day.

Slip Ups

If you’re having your wedding in a marquee outside, the biggest problem is the flooring. Lino floorings or ‘fake’ wood floorings can make things incredibly slippy, so invest in a good wooden flooring to help prevent your wedding turning into an ice hockey tournament. The most important thing to realise is that you’ll be wearing wedding shoes that might have a high heel, so having a good floor will prevent some unwanted slips.

weather flooring proof

Weather Chic

Who’s to say it can’t be fashionable? Invest in some umbrellas that will go well with your wedding look. You can find a beautiful white umbrella to compliment your dress, whilst your bridesmaids can have a colour that matches or compliments their dresses.

matching weather umbrella

If you’re feeling adventurous, I would suggest to take a spare dress that you don’t mind getting wet. You can use the rain as an advantage, because some of the best photographs I’ve seen (and taken) have been in the rain, and it does make beautiful wedding pictures.

Rainy Weather Photo

Some people believe that rain on their wedding day is an omen for bad luck, but don’t think of it like that! The only omen it will be is if you let it rule your wedding day, so embrace the weather and have as much fun as possible. You are here to enjoy the love you and your new husband, or wife will share for the rest of your lives, so make it a memorable one!

Next week: tips on getting married during a tornado.