It’s quite scary how quickly we’ve gone from Christmas to the end of January. For us here at Paradox London Pink it’s busy busy busy, mainly because we’re now leading up to the wedding season, and of course one of the biggest holidays for lovers around the world; Valentines Day. Which brings me to my next point, do you have anything planned? Romantic get-away? Dinner for two? Dinner with friends? Or just a chilled night on your own watching Netflix? I know which one I’d love to do! Netflix. But nonetheless, if you’re getting ready for a loved-up evening out, then be sure to look your best and wear some heart-stopping shoes! Here’s some ideas for you to consider this V-Day.

Valentines Blue

Valentines Colour

So what colours do you immediately think of when we say ‘Valentines’? We think of blushes, reds, deep purples, all the luxurious colours that stereotypically symbolise love. The good thing is, blush shoes are always trending in the bridal world, so you’ll have plenty to choose from on our website. The best choice we have for a statement is ‘Alandra’. It’s fairly high, so its best to be worn by those who are confident in skyscraper heels. The jewel embellishment on the toe is so elegant, that it screams romantic. Or if you’d prefer something slightly lower, you’d need a shoe like ‘Juliana’. The sandal is perfect for either a dressed up or down look, but still remains effortlessly feminine and adorable!

Which style to choose?

If choosing a blush or valentines coloured shoe is not really your thing (or you haven’t got an outfit that would go well with these colours) fret not, because we have a wide selection of shoes to choose from! Tempt yourself with something as simple as a silver sandal. ‘Sadie’ would be a great choice for a casual look, as the block heel is a current trend that would look very stylish, and the glitter detail is, well, glitter. How could you say no to glitter? Or if you want to be daring with a fashionista look, why not try a pair of wedding shoes? They might be traditionally for weddings, but there’s nothing wrong with completing a look with a silky pair of ivory pumps.

However you choose to style your shoes on Valentines day, go out and have some fun… and if he proposes… well, we’ll catch up next time! Eek!