Your wedding shoes are an integral piece of your outfit. The best pair of wedding shoes will complement your body, your outfit, and keep you comfortable throughout your big day. There’s a lot to think about when trying to choose the perfect pair of wedding shoes, and as a London wedding shoe designer we know them all. Here’s the top 5 things to think about when choosing your designer wedding shoes.

The height

Height is incredibly important when it comes to your wedding shoes. If they’re too high and you’re not used to heels, you run the risk of getting tired feet. If they’re too low you may not get the ground clearance you want with your dress, and run the risk of tripping. Both are outcomes we all want to avoid, and with a pair of Pink Paradox luxury wedding shoes with memory foam lining, you’re a lot more likely to stay comfortable on your big day. However, if you’re dead set on heels but aren’t used to wearing them, make sure you get your practice in before your wedding. Don’t forget to break in your new wedding shoes too!

The shape

Feet come in many different shapes and sizes, as do wedding shoes. Make sure that you pick the right pair of wedding shoes for your feet, not just for your dress. If shape is important to you, think about why. Do you want round or open toe shoes because they are more comfortable, or do you want pointy shoes because they are more to your style?

The twirl test

If you plan on wearing the same shoes for your wedding and your dance, make sure that they’re ready for dancing in. Do the twirl test in the shop and make sure that your shoe doesn’t fly off in the process. This is less of a problem when you have ankle straps, so if you’re worried about doing a Cinderella and losing your shoe, straps may be the way to go.

The heat

Nobody wants sweaty feet on their wedding day. What’s even worse is that if you’re sweating because of the heat there’s a good chance that your feet may swell. There’s two ways to get around this – the first is to try your shoes on after you’ve already been on your feet for a bit, and the other is to make sure that you get a pair of shoes that your feet can breathe in.

The decoration

Whether or not you should have decorations on your shoes comes down to more than just whether or not you like diamantes and pearls. If you’re wearing a long dress with a lacy hem, you need to make sure that your shoes won’t catch on your dress. Take a piece of fabric and run it over the decorations on the shoe you’re interested in and see what happens. This shouldn’t be a problem with high quality wedding shoes from a well-known designer, but if your prospective shoe is catching everything it touches when on the shop floor, it’s a safe bet that that shoe is not the shoe for you.