OMG OMG OMG! It’s finally here! The Royal Wedding of the season is just around the corner and I am so excited to see who Meghan Markle will be wearing (While crying inside because Prince Harry will not longer be on the market)! How will you be spending the wedding; watching at home, enjoying festivities, or going into London yourself? My sister for example, is running away to Bournemouth, only because she lives in Windsor and does not want to be gridlocked in the city. That’s the only downside of the wedding. Me? I’m going to be sipping prosecco and strawberries, whilst lounging in the garden eating a BBQ with my family and watching the wedding on the big screen. So what do you need to know about the Royal Wedding? See below for a list of timings, so you know when to glue your eyes to the television!

9:00am: Coverage starts on the BBC of the event, and guests of the public who were lucky enough (I’m jealous) to be invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle to watch.

9:30am – 11:30am: Guests of the wedding will start arriving at the Round Tower of Windsor Castle at the South Gate, and enter the chapel to take their seats.

11:20am: Members of the Royal Family will begin to arrive via the Galilee Porch. I will be craning my neck to look at Kate & Pippa Middleton. I’m hoping we’ll see a glisten of silver sandals on their feet, that would make a nice change!

11:45am: This is the time Prince Harry & William will arrive at the west door of the chapel. Harry will have the chance to greet the representatives of 200 charities he is associated with.

11:55-11:59am: The Queen, as per tradition, will be the last member of the Royal Family to arrive at the chapel. Although one does hope one arrives fashionably late (I love her majesty).

11:59am: Meghan Markle will arrive at the West Doors with her bridesmaids and pageboys. This is when social media will ERRUPT, and you can be sure to see my reaction to her dress and shoes!

12:00pm: The service starts.

1:00pm: The newlyweds will emerge from the West Steps of the chapel, and be waved off in carriage by both members of their families. There is then a lunchtime reception hosted by the Queen at St George’s Hall.

1:05pm: The procession of the carriage will begin around Windsor and will take around 25 minutes

7:00pm: Newlyweds will depart Windsor Castle for the evening reception hosted by the Prince of Wales at Frogmore House.

That’s it! A simple day, but with lots going on. Be sure to have your champagne at the ready!