It’s one of my most favourite evenings of the year. Purely because it’s a chance for me to eat an entire tub of ice cream, gorge on popcorn, (and then question my life choices later) and enjoy the beauty that is; The Oscars!

This evening is pure stardust. Watching the strapping young men wear tailored suits of designers galore, and actresses glide across the red carpet trying to be placed in the ‘best dressed’ category. Safe to say that there always is a divide between who looked incredible, and who gets a gold star for ‘you tried’. Irritatingly however, there are so many gorgeous dresses, that the best dressed outweighs the frumpy fails, so I’m going to present the best dressed of this year’s Oscar awards 2018!

Oscars 2018

Right off the bat, without even needing to look at a picture for reference, was Maryl Streep wearing Dior. Not only did they tailor this outfit to fit her perfectly, they accentuated every part of her silhouette perfectly, and the red was the literal ‘cherry on the cake’. Brides take note; a dress with a plunging neckline and a soft plumed skirt is a timeless classic! Paired with our Alandra stilettos in Red because… well, go figure.

oscars 2018 emily blunt

Emily Blunt and Samara Weaving are the next two beauties on my list – both styled by Schiaparelli. While Blunt’s dress was hit and miss for fashionistas, I think it’s a wonderful nod to 1910’s fashion with puffy sleeves, especially as Blunt will be playing the role of Mary Poppins in the new movie later this year. The tulle and point d’esprit fabric is a gorgeous choice, that makes this dress so soft and delicate. Brides I really do hope you’re writing all this down. Paired with a choice of our Mermaid shoes, or something higher in our Cornflower organza platforms.

oscars 2018 samara weaving

Similarly to this was Weaving’s dress in a shocking coral pink, and ladder stitch crystal embroidery. The plunging neckline is simply gorgeous, and I would wear this colour at my wedding. #GoBraveOrGoHome. The crystal and fabric detailing will look beautiful with our Celone shoes, which aren’t dyeable, but if the dress was ivory, it’d be perfect! When in doubt, pair them with our new Kamara silver sandals – added bling for added effect!

oscars 2018 danai gurira

Have you seen #BlackPanther yet? I haven’t, but still, go and see it. Mainly because Danai Gurira is fierce, beautiful, intelligent, and every other positive word in the English, Shone, and Xhosa languages. She stopped the show again at the Oscars in this light-blush strapless gown by Gabriela Hearst. My gorgeous brides with dark skin tones, a soft hue like this dress is a must if you want to steer away from the traditional white / ivory! Simple dress, simple shoes. Paired with Alvina, and a concept of them dyed to a similar hue. Alternatively, a shoe with a bit of personality could tie the look together; also paired with Adrienne.

oscars 2018 jennifer garner

The last dress I will enthuse over is that of Jennifer Garner. This indescribable cobalt blue gown was designed by Atelier Versace, and everything about it screams elegance. The ruched waist and breast, the draping across the neck, and the cape falling down the back creates such a beautiful silhouette. I’ve paired them with our Romantic peep-toe shoes and Posie ivory clutch bag.

I wish that the Oscars came around more often than once a year, but then, it wouldn’t be something to look forward to. We hope you’ve gained a little inspiration if you’ve been stumped for choices with your wedding shoes and dress!