The lead up to a wedding can be a really stressful time so it is especially easy to get overwhelmed and have some details slip through the planning cracks; however do not fear as we are here to help you out and give you that gentle nudge to remember and crack on with those easily forgotten details.


Choice of Shoes

Shoes are an important aspect and one that shouldn’t be left to the last minute! First you need to make sure your shoes match your dress, colour wise, style wise and tonal wise... got to be done! Equally as important, make sure you are comfortable in them; can you walk in them without hobbling? Wear them around the house to get a feel for them and give your feet a chance to get settled. Finally, if need be, do you have a pair of flats ready for the evening reception? Not everyone can handle being in heels for the entire day! We’re not all Beyonce and able to dance in 5 inch heels.



Make sure you start discussions with your florist months in advance! You need to make sure the flowers you want are in season, OK a budget with the florist as flowers can be a sizable portion of your wedding budget. Check and double check all the details, go through a floor plan with your florist making sure every table is suited, where you need flowers and where you don't. Do a bit of research before your meetings just to get the terms down, it will make it all a lot easier!


Pre Wedding Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is something that can’t be forgotten about! Aside from the fact it’s traditionally the grooms parents financial obligation which is always good news but it’s also a lovely opportunity to hear some speeches, toast and give out some gifts to the attendants prior to the wedding. So make sure something is booked, whether you decide on a restaurant or you can get a relative or friend to host, don’t make it last too long though as I’m pretty sure you’ll want your beauty sleep!


Last Minute Venue Additions

No matter how meticulously planned or prepared we think we are there’s always something that we forget about or need to add last minute. Someone might RSVP at the very last minute, quick find them a seat! Or you might get a brain wave about having a humongous chandelier hanging as your centre piece. You never know what’s going to pop in to your mind in the coming weeks, so make sure you have a good relationship with your venue team and  only contact them when need be.


On The Day Instruction

Now it’s time for you to put your boss hat on, anyone that has a part in this wedding you need to organize and help to make sure your big day goes off without too many hitches! Mentally go through the day multiple times and jot it down, what parts need to be double checked, do the drivers know where to pick you up from? Does the caterer know exactly what time you’re expecting your meal? Does the groom know when to turn up? You can make it easier for everyone and pop a little ‘Wedding Day Schedule’ up in the reception just so people know the plan for the day and what time to turn up where!