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  1. The Royal Wedding

    The Royal Wedding
    OMG OMG OMG! It’s finally here! The Royal Wedding of the season is just around the corner and I am so excited to see who Meghan Markle will be wearing (While crying inside because Prince Harry will not longer be on the market)! How will you be spending the wedding; watching at home, enjoying festivities, or going into London yourself...
  2. Perfect Wedding | Issue 144 | March 2018

    Perfect Wedding | Issue 144 | March 2018

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  3. Choosing the Perfect Ring

    Choosing the Perfect Ring
    Something I’ve been thinking about quite recently is; how do you find & choose the perfect ring to propose? Also something I’ve been thinking about is proposing to my partner, so how I would go about finding the perfect sized and styled ring? Sounds easy right? Well I’ll tell you honestly that I had no idea how to approach this...
  4. Bridesmaids - Asking Right

    Bridesmaids - Asking Right
    So you saw your partner get down on one knee, you screamed internally, and wholeheartedly exploded with ‘YES!’. Now it’s time for YOU to propose. I mean it’s not as nerve-wrecking as getting down on one knee, but they’re still the most important questions you need an answer for; asking your bridesmaids and maid of honour to stand with you. This...
  5. Perfect Wedding | Issue 135 | July 2017

    Perfect Wedding | Issue 135 | July 2017

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  6. Royal Ascot | Finding the Perfect Shoes!

    Royal Ascot | Finding the Perfect Shoes!
    So it’s nearly time for one of the grandest occasions in the social calendar - The Royal Ascot. With appearances from the royal family over the course of five days, this grand occasion is one that many look forward to. It also happens to be one of the most media-covered events when it comes to ‘what she wore’ and ‘get...
  7. Weather Worries

    Weather Worries
    Did you have a good morning getting in to work today? The first thing I noticed was that it couldn’t be more miserable outside. Rain, cloud, and that blustery wind that does nobody any favours. Then it got me wondering; what do you do if you were to wake up on your wedding day, and find out the weather is...
  8. Proposals for the Proposal

    Proposals for the Proposal
    The moment where everything changes for you as a couple. You’ve dreamt of this moment since you were a little, and you want it to be exactly right. While it might seem ‘traditional’ for the man to propose to the woman, what’s to stop the woman from getting down on one knee and catching him by surprise? Whether you need inspiration...
  9. Wedding Photographer – 10 tips on capturing the perfect one

    Wedding Photographer – 10 tips on capturing the perfect one
    One of the most important parts of your wedding day is the memories that you take away from it. This is your special day, and you’ll want to forever cherish it, so finding a photographer that will create an album to your taste and liking is crucial. I’m going to highlight the best ways of finding and working with a...
  10. Greenery is the new Serenity

    Greenery is the new Serenity
    Green never looked so regal Reflecting on the distinct colours of 2016, the like mindedness of Rose Quartz and Serenity created the perfect balance between well-being and calmness. Pantone identified these hues in the business of day-to-day life, and cultivated them as a way of centering around a place of reflection and peace. For any fashionable bride, what better way of incorporating this symbolism by...

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