1. Wimbledon Fashion 2018

    Wimbledon Fashion 2018
    I love the summer. True that we get weather that’s a little up and down, but in recent weeks it’s been balmy and beautiful. A lot of people I know have been complaining that it’s too hot, but after all we are British, and we are known to whine about the weather. But other than this gorgeous weather there’s something...
  2. Photo Shoot at Mapesbury House, London

    Photo Shoot at Mapesbury House, London
    Another year, another lookbook. Though for me, this is my first time working with the crew on location for the photo shoot, and it was so exquisite. We arrived at No. 6 Mapesbury House, London and were greeted by a very cloudy and grim sky. Nevertheless, the brightest part of my day was seeing the house we were using for the first...
  3. Romantic Wedding Traditions

    Romantic Wedding Traditions
    Some of us are a sucker for both romance and traditions, so let's take the plunge and have a look at some romantic wedding traditions. Should you have some at your wedding? Are they overrated? Are they even needed? Do they even exist? Let's have a look! Tiered Cake: It all originated from each guest bringing little cakes with them to...

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