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  1. Lumiere Lights Festival 2018

    Lumiere Lights Festival 2018
    On Thursday 18th launched one of the most anticipated interactive festivals in London; the Lumiere Lights Show 2018. Now you may have heard about this event but not everyone knows what it entails, so I’ll give you some quick deets. The Lumiere festival is a fantastic event where various artists of different styles create light installations around London’s key land marked...
  2. Dressing for Wimbledon 2017

    Dressing for Wimbledon 2017
    It comes as no surprise that Wimbledon is the centre of attention for style and fashion. Celebrities and the public alike adorn their outfits with the brightest colours, all inspired of the summer. While dressing fashionably might be a key point for some, there is one thing you must remember (and no it’s not the umbrella, although that is important...
  3. The Wedding Cake - Choices, Choices

    The Wedding Cake - Choices, Choices
    Finding the perfect wedding cake is essential to some brides as it has such a symbolic meaning. When the groom places his hand over the bride’s hand, he is showing his support for the future of the relationship. Cutting the cake all the way to the bottom symbolises a continuously happy and long marriage. Finally, the eating (or smashing in...
  4. Proposals for the Proposal

    Proposals for the Proposal
    The moment where everything changes for you as a couple. You’ve dreamt of this moment since you were a little, and you want it to be exactly right. While it might seem ‘traditional’ for the man to propose to the woman, what’s to stop the woman from getting down on one knee and catching him by surprise? Whether you need inspiration...
  5. 20 Tips for Newly Engaged Couples!

    20 Tips for Newly Engaged Couples!
    Huge congratulations! You’ve just got engaged; now let that really sink in... What an amazing moment in your life, this time is different for everyone however we’ve put together a few tips to hopefully help you help saviour this moment and start wedding planning for this exciting and life changing time! Celebrate Your Engagement First things first, you have to...
  6. The final countdown - 5 things to wrap up before a wedding

    The final countdown - 5 things to wrap up before a wedding
      The lead up to a wedding can be a really stressful time so it is especially easy to get overwhelmed and have some details slip through the planning cracks; however do not fear as we are here to help you out and give you that gentle nudge to remember and crack on with those easily forgotten details. Choice of...
  7. Last Minute DIY Bits for a Christmas Wedding!

    Last Minute DIY Bits for a Christmas Wedding!
    With your wedding being the biggest day of your life, you're going to want to stamp it with some personality! As nice as bought items are you can never beat little homemade DIY touches. We’re going to have a look at 3 options but when you’re doing it yourself, there’s really no limit to what you can have a crack...
  8. Dyeing For A Pop Of Colour

    Dyeing For A Pop Of Colour
    If you feel your accessories need a pop of colour or even a breath of vibrant fresh air then look no further than our dyeing service! Choose one of our dyeable Pink shoes and select the colour of your choice then all you need to do is say goodbye to drab and hello to fab!  

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