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  1. Dressing for Wimbledon 2017

    Dressing for Wimbledon 2017
    It comes as no surprise that Wimbledon is the centre of attention for style and fashion. Celebrities and the public alike adorn their outfits with the brightest colours, all inspired of the summer. While dressing fashionably might be a key point for some, there is one thing you must remember (and no it’s not the umbrella, although that is important...
  2. Beauty and the Beast | Penny the Bee

    Beauty and the Beast | Penny the Bee
    A tale as old as time. It absolutely is for some of us, when it came out in 1991. It was a story like no other, and the release of the new live-action Disney film has drawn everyone’s attention. For years since the animated classic, people have imitated a Beauty and the Beast theme for their wedding, in the hopes...

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