So it’s nearly time for one of the grandest occasions in the social calendar - The Royal Ascot. With appearances from the royal family over the course of five days, this grand occasion is one that many look forward to.

It also happens to be one of the most media-covered events when it comes to ‘what she wore’ and ‘get her look’. If you are attending the races this year, we will give you some ideas for creating a stunning look that will impress all those around you.

The dress code for this event is the same as it has always been – strict, and formal. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear something unflattering! Brightly coloured, and detailed fascinators (named so because they are fascinating to look at) are some of the main wonders at Ascot. Plus a new little bonus; Ascot now permit you to wear jumpsuits!

The other thing you need to think about is that it will be a long day where you will mostly be standing on your feet. So it stands (haha) to reason that you need a good, comfortable pair of shoes to get you through the day.

Our first contender is our shoe ‘Adele’. She’s a highly sophisticated, and classy shoe, that not only comes in three colours (navy, champagne, and silver), but also has an open-toe front, and a mid-height heel. This will give your feet room to breathe, and won’t put too much pressure on the balls of your feet. She’s stylish too!

ascot adele

If you do prefer and would feel more comfortable in a higher heel, we recommend our shoe ‘Phoebe’. The two different colours; gold, and silver, give you a large variety of outfits to match with them. They are a sandal shoe, which may help in case your feet swell slightly in the heat (which we hope for in England), and of course they are glittered, meaning you’ll look good no matter what.

ascot phoebe

Alternatively, what's wrong with going for wedding shoes? Ivory might be a dangerous colour to wear when you’re surrounded by grass, but I don’t imagine you’ll want to do a slide-tackle in front of her royal highness. For this reason, we delegate our ‘Promise’ shoes. The perfect lace mesh shoe, with a pointed toe, and court heel height. It’s so pretty, it’ll be the toast of the party!

ascot promise

Be sure to check out our shoe ‘Sweetie’, which essentially is the flat shoe version of our Promise heel, so if you prefer a flat, then we have you covered!

Going back to the grass though, have you ever wondered about what it might feel like to get stuck in the mud? No seriously, it is a concern for many people about getting that ‘sinking feeling’ when attending the Royal Ascot. Why not check out our blog on Heel Stoppers by Clean Heels? They may just be what you’re looking for!