Finding the right wedding shoes will depend on a variety of different factors; your personal preference and style, your chosen colour palette, the dress, comfort and anything else you could possibly think of! Getting your shoes right for your special day is essential. We have categorised our collections by the type of wedding to help you refine your search for the perfect bridal shoes;

Wedding Court Shoes

wedding shoes Pros: Court Shoes are the classics, if your wedding is traditional with all of the accoutrements then the court shoe is the must have. They have an iconic shape that immediately conjures imagery of fairy tales, wonderment and traditional values. We adore our Astra Ivory Satin Wedding Shoes which are simple beautiful and elegant, enough said! However, if you are looking for a little extra flare, we offer an inhouse professional dying service so that you can ensure that you get the exact hue to suit you best or fit with the wedding colour theme perfectly. Cons: For those of you who like a bit more glitz and glamour the court shoe collection probably won’t be right, but each to their own.

Peep Toe and Platform Wedding Shoes

weddi Pros: Peep toe wedding shoes are for those who are all about the show, big band, big cake, first dance in the spotlight and most of all your day, your way. We love these two collections and whilst they are very different, they both feature some dazzling showstoppers for someone who wants it all (including empowering and beautiful bridal shoes). We adore our Hallun Luxury Occasion shoes which are both platform heeled and peep toe wedding shoes. These bridal shoes have it all, an elegant profile, beautiful neutral shimmering ivory colour and stunning pearl detailing running from the back of the shoe down to the heel. Cons: You are going to be in the spotlight, whatever you do on your wedding day, but some people want a little more subtlety on their special day, which is fair - not our opinion, but fair.

Wedding Sandals

Pros: Wedding sandals scream Summer Wedding! Whilst that is undoubtedly true we believe that the versatility of this delicate and beautiful selection extends to a plethora of weddings. These shoes generally have a good heel, are minimalist and modern, so they are perfect for weddings that stray outside of the conventional; think modern and innovative. Think high ceiling halls with big open windows, renovated spaces that enhance the glow of summer both inside and out, minimalist and elegant in every respect. If your idea of a perfect wedding is different from everyone else’s and you tend to veer away from tradition, then this collection might be for you. We recommend our Stacia Caged Sandal with its gorgeous honeycomb lattice design it truly redefines a classic choice with a modern twist. Cons: May be a little chilly in the winter months, but if you have a long dress/ plan on spending most of you time inside (as you should), then this won’t be a problem!

Flat Wedding Shoes

wedding shoes Pros: These are the most comfortable of our range and therefore the perfect choice if you want to look glamorous but the terrain at your wedding is unforgiving. Think manor houses in the winter/autumn months with wet grass and mud, (we all know how stilettos and mud don’t mix) or alternatively at the other end of the weather spectrum these shoes are also ideal for destination weddings as well. Beach weddings or those in sweltering heat, you will thank us for gorgeous comfortable and light weight wedding shoes that will keep you upright and make sure you maintain your glamour throughout you special day! Cons: Many people pick up a pair of cheap flats or stick on a pair of old white trainers or worse yet go barefoot after the ceremony, these are almost insulting to the amount of work you put into your outfit, especially when you can pick up a pair that look as good as the ones in our collection! If trainers are your go to choice for dancing and being able to flit about freely try our Zeera Embellished White Trainers for a classy and revolutionary trainer specifically for weddings. If you are still unsure then you can check out our entire range of beautiful bridal shoes here.