Another year, another lookbook. Though for me, this is my first time working with the crew on location for the photo shoot, and it was so exquisite. We arrived at No. 6 Mapesbury House, London and were greeted by a very cloudy and grim sky. Nevertheless, the brightest part of my day was seeing the house we were using for the first time. I had only seen pictures up to this point, while a few of my team had been there a few years ago. Suffice it to say that it was a house like I’ve never seen. The only way I can describe it was like being inside a well-designed French castle. Every room was draped with chandeliers, the finest rugs and furniture, and ornaments that would otherwise look strange in a regular house.

photo shoot room 1

Just before we commenced the photo shoot, I bumped into the owner of the house, Marianne, and her daughter (while they were having breakfast, sorry again!) and had to tell her just how ingenious her styling is. I learned that Marianne is a professional stylist, and has worked for countless notable companies, such as Vogue and Topshop. It stands to reason that she would emulate her passion for styling into her own home.

photo shoot room 2

Lucky for me, I had the entire day with my dear friend Niki (she used to work with us at Pink for years, but has moved away to a beautiful patch of land and owns two llamas. I know, right?) and spent hours taking pictures and styling images of our newest wedding shoes (coming out in January!).

mapesbury house photo shoot

My favourite room was the conservatory. Perfectly bright, with walls coated in a duck-egg blue, and decorated with shabby chic ornaments and furniture of all sizes. Our jackpot find was a pillow that was a vibrant shade of watermelon red, and we argued who was going to get to use it first.

mapesbury house photo shoot conservatory

The exciting thing for me now is waiting for the final images to come through. Because I was so busy with other tasks throughout the day (and my own photography), I haven’t seen any of the previews, styling, poses, or anything, so I have no idea what the final images will look like!

Karolina at the photo shoot