I was having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine, who happens to be getting married mid-June next year. Being obsessed with shoes, I thought I might steer the ship with finding out if she’d settled on a pair or if I could influence her. I was listing through different styles and to my surprise, she said (almost too quickly) ‘absolutely not!’ when I mentioned peep-toes. She told me that wedding forums are rife with women debating if closed or peep-toe shoes are more appropriate, I did my own research and I was amazed to see so many bride-to-be’s flabbergasted at the thought of wearing peep-toes, and vice versa! Ladies, let me settle the records and give you a little insight about open and closed toe shoes, and when to go for which.

One of the most interesting responses on these forums is that women call peep-toes ‘granny shoes’ or ‘hideous’, but why should that be the case? Back in the 1930’s when peep-toes became the new fashion, it was a whole new take on femininity. Gone were traditional stiletto shoes, but something with a bit of flare that can almost be described as ‘daring’. Wouldn’t you want to emulate that same femininity? Although they have gone in an out of fashion over the years, they have still remained a very popular and traditional shoe in the wedding industry. It’s just that nowadays some brides try to steer away from the traditional, so a classic shoe such as a peep-toe may be seen as mundane and outdated.

Peep-toes are a great choice if you’re looking for a shoe that’s stable, but also sexy. Quite a few women I’ve spoken to in my time have said that peep-toes feel a lot more comfortable that a pointed or closed toe, so I would recommend wearing them if you’ll be wearing shoes from an excess amount of time.

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Closed toe shoes, in my opinion, are a much more formal style. If we disregard trainers, boots and the like, closed toes are a timeless classic that works for all occasions. Let’s take for example the formalities of the Royal Ascot. Although peep-toes and sandals are permitted, the dress code would imply that smart and sensible shoes should be worn. As with similar formal events, it seems classier to dress with closed-toes than it would be to shoe of one’s feet. Brides, you’re completely different because it’s YOUR day, therefore its up to you how sexy you want to feel. If you want to wear silver sandals flip flops, then for goodness sake do!

Closed toe shoes are perfect for unpredictable weather and provide a classier and more formal approach to dress codes. If you’re attending an event with a strict dress code, I would recommend wearing these beauties just to be sure!

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