How is it possible that we’re only twenty sleeps away from Christmas? If we’re that close to one of the best holidays of the year (bar Halloween, which is my personal favourite), it can only mean one thing; party season has begun. There will be a range of celebrations from a Christmas meal with your work colleagues, or even catch up drinks with your close friends and family before you do the obligatory 'see you next year!' joke right before New Year's Eve.

The difficult thing about it being the month of partying is that it’s also the season to get comfy. Oversized jumpers, big fluffy slippers, and growing out your leg hair are the trademark of the Winter months, so glamming up for a gathering seems like an awful lot of unnecessary work. As much as you may benefit from a skincare regime in this instance, I’m no beauty blogger, and quite frankly reviewing a MAC primer won’t give you the motivation to get into the party mood. HOWEVER, the beneficial tips I can give you are all things relating to shoes and fashion, so cosy up on your couch in your dressing gown (yes, you) and read these tips for preparing for the festivities this season.

Make a party statement

I know I may have used the term ‘statement heel’ in past blogs which usually refers to high stiletto wedding shoes, however I want to retract that statement. A statement heel can be any wedding or ladies shoes in any heel height, and in any material - it’s the confidence you put into wearing that shoe that makes the difference. So go for something that catches your eye, and more importantly will make you feel comfortable. You don’t have to wear a 12cm stiletto to look glamorous. For example, our ‘Adele’ occasion shoe is a peep-toe lover’s dream. They’re classy, have the perfect amount of glitter, and are a low comfortable heel so your feet don’t get too sore – perfect!

Dress Appropriately

This is a rather broad term because it depends on the event you’re going to. If it’s a black tie party, then by all means, go all out with a gorgeous floor-length dress. But for all other gatherings bear one thing in mind – it’s absolutely freezing outside! I’ve seen women walking down the road with their gal pals wearing short dresses, sandals, and no coat – no, really. Although I applaud their confidence, I wince at their oncoming hypothermia. A simple blouse, ankle-length trousers, and court heels will do the job.

Party Teal Burgundy

Finishing Touches

The final touches are the pieces that make you feel like a Hollywood movie star. Adorn your best perfume (Coco Chanel No. 5), slap on your favourite lippy (Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury), and glitz your nails with the finest polish (Lincoln in the Park after Dark, Opi).

You’re all set! Enjoy this festive season of parties and enjoy the company of everyone around you! Don’t forget to show off your shoes too!

Party Maddox Tilbury Opi