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  1. Valentines Blog - Blush You!

    Valentines Blog - Blush You!
    It’s quite scary how quickly we’ve gone from Christmas to the end of January. For us here at Paradox London Pink it’s busy busy busy, mainly because we’re now leading up to the wedding season, and of course one of the biggest holidays for lovers around the world; Valentines Day. Which brings me to my next point, do you have...
  2. Lumiere Lights Festival 2018

    Lumiere Lights Festival 2018
    On Thursday 18th launched one of the most anticipated interactive festivals in London; the Lumiere Lights Show 2018. Now you may have heard about this event but not everyone knows what it entails, so I’ll give you some quick deets. The Lumiere festival is a fantastic event where various artists of different styles create light installations around London’s key land marked...
  3. Perfect Wedding | Issue 143 | Fashion Special 2018

    Perfect Wedding | Issue 143 | Fashion Special 2018

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  4. The Most Depressive Day of the Year

    The Most Depressive Day of the Year
    Isn’t today just so fitting? The wind becomes your mortal enemy as it whips you from every angle. The rain is so fine that it manages to find its way into every crevice and warm spot that your body is desperately clinging to inside your oversized fluffy coat. On top of it all is the sky which I’ve never seen...
  5. Colour of the Year Goes to...

    Colour of the Year Goes to...
    Pantone announced recently (I’m a couple of weeks out, but it’s pretty close) their new colour of the year for 2018, which is Ultra Violet. A gorgeous concoction of the cosmos, this colour is vibrant and full of life and potential. The company themselves have stated that the colour is ‘dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, Ultra Violet communicates originality...
  6. New Years Eve - Know What to Wear!

    New Years Eve - Know What to Wear!
    So it’s New Years Eve just around the corner, and you suddenly think; “what in creation do I wear?”. Amidst all the mince pie eating, present wrapping, Christmas work office partying, you haven’t even given the end of year celebration the slightest thought. But fear not! We’re going to give you the hottest fashion trends, and what you can do...
  7. Perfect Wedding | Issue 141 | January 2018

    Perfect Wedding | Issue 141 | January 2018

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  8. Party Preparation | Christmas 2017

    How is it possible that we’re only twenty sleeps away from Christmas? If we’re that close to one of the best holidays of the year (bar Halloween, which is my personal favourite), it can only mean one thing; party season has begun. There will be a range of celebrations from a Christmas meal with your work colleagues, or even catch...
  9. You & Your Wedding | Issue 30 | December 2017

    You & Your Wedding | Issue 30 | December 2017

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  10. Firework Night Chic

    Firework Night Chic
    Remember, remember, the 5th November. A four-hundred year old commemoration of the failed gunpowder plot. Today, it's a night to observe the brilliance of firework displays all across the UK, and an excuse to dress up and party! In this blog, we will give you some helpful hints and advice for choosing fashionable and practical outfits for this weekend. As...
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