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  1. Pretty in Pink Wedding Outifts

    Pretty in Pink Wedding Outifts
    Fancy changing it up a little bit and being pretty in pink on your wedding day? Then we are here to help you. Not every bride dreams of the classic white wedding dress so let's find out some more options for you if you're feeling a splash more colourful and that little bit more adventurous; now let's get colourful and cracking! Tender...
  2. Wedding Entertainment Options

    Wedding Entertainment Options
    Now, in the words of Robbie Williams 'LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU!'. You're going to look stunning in your wedding dress however that alone will not provide enough wedding entertainment for most people throughout the entire day; unless your names Mark from Love Actually. Now let us guide you through some options, there's so many potential ideas out there that the...
  3. Budget Christmas - How to get that glamorous wedding look

    Budget Christmas - How to get that glamorous wedding look
    Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the planning stops! You’ve now got under 12 months until your big day and counting, Christmas is a beautiful time of year to get wed, festive magic in the air and of course... presents to buy; which means a tighter budget. Not to panic though as we understand Christmas is an expensive season...
  4. Last Minute DIY Bits for a Christmas Wedding!

    Last Minute DIY Bits for a Christmas Wedding!
    With your wedding being the biggest day of your life, you're going to want to stamp it with some personality! As nice as bought items are you can never beat little homemade DIY touches. We’re going to have a look at 3 options but when you’re doing it yourself, there’s really no limit to what you can have a crack...
  5. Artist's Takeover - Scott W Mason

    Artist's Takeover - Scott W Mason
    We thought we'd change it up over at Pink and try something different with a collaboration with an artist; Scott W Mason is a Fashion Illustrator / Photographer and we let him loose on our Flush heel and shadow bags, choosing to adorn them in his stylized print and bridal women it really makes for a unique design; see his...
  6. Dyeing For A Pop Of Colour

    Dyeing For A Pop Of Colour
    If you feel your accessories need a pop of colour or even a breath of vibrant fresh air then look no further than our dyeing service! Choose one of our dyeable Pink shoes and select the colour of your choice then all you need to do is say goodbye to drab and hello to fab!  
  7. Florals for shoes? Groundbreaking.

    Florals for shoes? Groundbreaking.
    We all know those brides who are meticulous with their themes, where every detail is considered all the way from making sure the colour of the ink in the guestbook pen matches the colour of little Jimmy's socks 3rd aisle from the right. Now it's time to please these structured thinkers with the news that some of our shoes are named after flowers...
  8. Lace Wedding Inspiration

    Lace Wedding Inspiration
    Lace is an extremely popular fabric when it comes to weddings, and it’s not surprising why. It’s interesting, detailed, delicate, and easy to co-ordinate with other fabrics and styles. Lace Wedding Shoes It’s considered a fabric used mainly just for clothing, but that is definitely not the case! We’ve created some beautiful shoes through our Pink range using lace as...
  9. Mix and Match Weddings

    Mix and Match Weddings
    Mix and Match bridesmaids are another trend that we are big fans of here at Paradox. While it may have initially come about as a great way to save some money while planning your wedding, it’s now very much a fashionable and fun idea, and allows the women in your bridal party to show off their personality and style. The...
  10. How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Shoes For Your Little Girl

    How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Shoes For Your Little Girl

    Your big day is coming up – you’ve got your dress, your shoes, and all that’s left is to decide what your little girl is going to wear. A lot of thought goes into your wedding day, and you want to look your best. Continue reading

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