So it’s New Years Eve just around the corner, and you suddenly think; “what in creation do I wear?”. Amidst all the mince pie eating, present wrapping, Christmas work office partying, you haven’t even given the end of year celebration the slightest thought. But fear not! We’re going to give you the hottest fashion trends, and what you can do to look your best when beginning 2018.

About two things I know are trending currently in the fashion world; floral, and glitter. While they seem to be a redundant theme for clothing nowadays, it’s more about the colour, and style of the clothing you wear. Embroidered floral dresses in a multitude of coloured polyester blends are the current “in” thing, and give a gentle nod in the direction of boho-chic.

New Years Eve Ideas

New Years Eve Zara

Take for example these two dresses that we spotted on ‘Zara’. The length of the dress gives it a classy look perfect for an event such as this, while showing off those beautiful trending patterns. However as it’s New Years Eve, and will probably be freezing (and raining, thank you England), we’d suggest wearing some bright blue cobalt leggings / tights, and pair with our ‘Mini’ sandals in black suede - oh yes ladies, we don't just do good wedding shoes. A perfect dab of colour to a very chic outfit.

New Years Even Topshop Outfit

If you’re looking for metallic and shimmer materials, then look no further than Topshop. These silver (it says silver, but I’m seeing a dark bronzed brown colour… no?) trousers will be the added flare to your New Years Eve outfit. Pair with a red knotted blouse from the same store, and wear with our ‘Phoebe’ gold sandals.

Sticking to these styles / trends will make sure that you look fashionable and fabulous as we enter the new year. Just don’t forget to take a coat, trust me – you’ll thank me later!