On Thursday 18th launched one of the most anticipated interactive festivals in London; the Lumiere Lights Show 2018. Now you may have heard about this event but not everyone knows what it entails, so I’ll give you some quick deets. The Lumiere festival is a fantastic event where various artists of different styles create light installations around London’s key land marked areas. The main areas this year are; Kings Cross, The Westend, Mayfair, Fitzrovia, Southbank & Waterloo, and Westminster & Victoria.

What’s the point of this all?

It’s a unique way for artists to create a new way that we see open spaces. So rather than seeing London as we all do, tourists and locals see the streets and landmarks in a new perspective, which makes us appreciate our capital even more!

Lumiere Lightbench

What will I see if I go?

There’s a rather broad answer to this I’m afraid, because the likelihood is, you’ll see just about anything. A few installation pieces I’ve seen so far include a luminescent bench that changes colours, with visitors welcome to sit on it. One was a promenade adorned with giant desk lamps lighting the path opposed to street lamps. An obscure installation is suspended above Oxford Circus, in a giant bubble that’s patterns change to vivid saturated colours according to the pedestrian’s movements below. It’s pure genius, and so incredibly thought out.

Lumiere DeskLamps

What should I wear?

Well, you’ve come to the right place for that (I’m winking at you). First thing’s first is make sure you have a thick coat, with scarves and gloves. If you want to get into the groove of the Lumiere festival, then adorn yourself in a bright silver metallic coat that is currently trending across high street retailers. To add to that, a pair of distressed jeans in a dark-wash blue or black will be the perfect accompaniment to the metallic coat. If you’re worried about getting cold, wear an extra pair of shorts underneath (or boxer shorts, they’re comfy and warm!). As for the shoes? Take my advice, wear some well padded boots to keep you warm. Or you can just wear a good pair of flat, but I’d recommend a thick sock so your feet don’t freeze! Feeling adventurous? Wear a sparkly pair of silver sandals to glitz up your look, but wear them with brightly coloured leggings! It’s stylish, it’ll be warm, and you’ll be the glitteriest fashionista of the festival!

Lumiere Lights Festival London 2018

18 – 21 January

Go and have some fun!

Pink x