Your big day is coming up – you’ve got your dress, your shoes, and all that’s left is to decide what your little girl is going to wear. A lot of thought goes into your wedding day, and you want to look your best. Your kid will be thinking about your wedding day leading up to it, and continue to think about it for years to come, as she moves towards possibly having her own wedding one day, far, far into the future. You both want her to look her best for your big day, so how do we make this happen? The Little Miss Pink collection by Paradox London is a good place to start, but even then, which shoe will fit her best?

What Sort of Shoes for Kids?

Comfort is obviously the biggest factor when picking shoes for kids. The last think you want is your little girl getting antsy and making a fuss because she’s not used to heels. If you’re in heels, perhaps your little girl will want to mirror your style. If your kid is a stereotypical girly-girl then perhaps a small heel may be the way forward – but emphasis on the small part. Kids aren’t used to the same heels that you might wear, so start them off small. On the flip side, if your little girl isn’t a girly-girl, she may not like the idea of heels. You don’t want your kid feeling awkward with the way she looks or walks on your big day, and you don’t want her taking her shoes off because she’s embarrassed at the thought of people watching her wearing heels. If you kid isn’t fond of the idea, then flats or pumps may be the best shot in keeping your kid happy in the middle of your wedding.

Getting the Right Design

Decorations are also a big factor when picking the perfect wedding shoes for your little girl. She may not want to wear the same heel as you, but she may still want to mirror your style. Any gems, ribbons or straps on your or her shoes will help contribute to that. Think about whether or not you both want to wear matching shoes, or if you both have wildly different tastes. Matching shoes may seem ideal, but if your kid is dead against the idea, she’s not as likely to enjoy the day. Another consideration is how open-toe you want the shoe to be. Again, think about the shoe you chose, and why you chose it. If it’s an autumn or winter wedding, you may want to talk your little girl out of the open-toed shoes she’s going goggle-eyed at. Remember if the shoe is wrong for the season your kid may start complaining that her feet are cold – this one is a bit of a judgement call, so talk it over with your kid, and see if you can come to an agreement.

Plan Ahead

Finally, remember that she’s a kid. You could potentially buy your dress and shoes a couple of months in advance, but in a couple of months your kid will have grown. Kids grow, it’s what they do. You don’t want to have to go out and buy a second pair of shoes for your kid because she was really eager to take part in the wedding planning months in advance.

There’s a surprising amount to consider when it comes to kids footwear at a wedding. Our best advice would be to take your kids shoe shopping but don’t buy anything until you’re ready. Talk to your little girl, and see what she wants. Wait and see if she grows, and if the shoes aren’t likely to go out of stock, give it a few weeks before you buy anything.