photoshoot 28/7/2016 Green never looked so regal

Reflecting on the distinct colours of 2016, the like mindedness of Rose Quartz and Serenity created the perfect balance between well-being and calmness. Pantone identified these hues in the business of day-to-day life, and cultivated them as a way of centering around a place of reflection and peace. For any fashionable bride, what better way of incorporating this symbolism by adorning accessories and themes dedicated to these colours.

However, seasons change , and Pantone have announced their new colour for 2017 - Greenery.

In a statement on their website, Pantone said; 'The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.'

Green is such a rich way of connecting to your inner self. Green in nature is the symbolic foundation for rejuvenation, growth, and hope, which is why it is such a fitting colour you should immerse yourself in this year.


Greenery Decor - Rock My Wedding Greenery Decor - Rock My Wedding

It might seem like a daunting colour to feature at a wedding, such vibrancy can wash out intricate details and decor. However as ‘Rock My Wedding’ have so well pointed out, greenery can be obtained from mother nature herself. Ivory and white never looked so soft against the beautifully desaturated tones of forest green.

Think about subtle ways of incorporating the greenery into your overall look. For example, a crown adorned with fern leaves and white roses could be a way of gently bringing those greenish hues through. As you can see in the pictures provided by ‘Rock My Wedding’ the crown features really help you to connect to the natural surroundings.

On the other hand, instead of trying to find ways of using green in your wedding look, allow mother nature to do the hard work for you. Go by the inspiration from the brides pictured above and choose wedding venues that are rich in hues of natural green.

The best time of year we suggest for this green-inspired theme is around the mid Spring. Roses, the traditional flower, are bred all year round, but if you are looking for something more delicate and simplistic, we would suggest a French Tulip, or Calla Lily. Beautiful flowers such as these bloom between the months of March and May, so be sure to get the timing right.

A particular style we have seen trending on wedding Pinterest boards recently is the combination of lace, and textures in a natural landscape (i.e leaf textures, or the patterns created by branches etc).

A favourite texture of ours to use in an outdoor wedding is lace. This has long been used as a traditional material in dresses and wedding shoes, but the texture of the fabric almost seems like a natural woven wonder. The intricate designs that are available in today's market could only be compared with the complexity of the textures seen in nature.

One of our favourite lace styles from the new 2017 collection is “Promise”which comes in three colours, Ivory, Navy and Blush. The lace pattern will highlight the soft and delicate features of your wedding look, and the delicate bow adds that extra detail to complete it.

Our Promise shoe is Ivroy Lace Mesh Our Promise shoe is Ivroy Lace Mesh