Remember, remember, the 5th November. A four-hundred year old commemoration of the failed gunpowder plot. Today, it's a night to observe the brilliance of firework displays all across the UK, and an excuse to dress up and party! In this blog, we will give you some helpful hints and advice for choosing fashionable and practical outfits for this weekend. As I’m no doubt sure you’re aware, we don’t just create wedding shoes. Oh no, we have an assorted selection of ladies shoes for you to choose from too!

The most popular event that I’m sure some of you will be attending is a firework display at a local park, stadium, racecourse etc. For this type of occasion, you must be sure to wrap up warm. That doesn’t just mean you have to wear that puffy overcoat that you’ve hidden away for years because you’re ashamed of it. Why not take a look at some of the coats and jumpers we’ve spotted that won’t just keep you warm, but stylish too! Pair them with the selection of shoes we’ve laid out from our website for a dazzling outfit display this weekend.

Firework Outdoor 1

This faux fur coat with ribbon detailing from H&M would be look ravishing with our 'Marabelle' mule shoes in Navy. It’s the little details that pop.

Firework Outdoor 2

Or this wild and colourful knitted jumper that we found at Zara. Paired with our 'Elisa' suede black courts.

However if you’ll be celebrating this firework night indoors, you can wear what you wish to the party (as long as you remember your coat for afterwards!). We saw this beautiful outfit at Topshop; a denim corduroy skirt with a matching starry bralet. Pair with our ‘Mini’ black sandals for the finishing touch to this black ensemble. I even think a dash of colour would do this look some justice, so why not try our sandals in the nude colour instead?