Isn’t today just so fitting? The wind becomes your mortal enemy as it whips you from every angle. The rain is so fine that it manages to find its way into every crevice and warm spot that your body is desperately clinging to inside your oversized fluffy coat. On top of it all is the sky which I’ve never seen more grey and dreary so far this year. It’s Monday 15th January, which is recognised as ‘Blue Monday’, or to some ‘the most depressive day of the year’. It’s exactly three weeks since Christmas, two weeks since the New Year, and about a week since schools have gone back. It’s safe to say we are all feeling the starvation from festivities, and we’re struggling to trudge through the week.



Quickly read a few wedding jokes from here!

Now let’s lift you out of that depressive mood and immerse you into plenty of positive goals you can look forward to this year, so you can get out of this depressive feeling!

You're Getting Married!

Whether you’ve recently got engaged, or this is the year you’re tying the knot, this is an incredible thing to look forward to! If you suddenly get the nagging thoughts of ‘oh but I have to do this still…’ or ‘there’s so much left to get prepare…’ STOP IT! While some people look at a wedding and think ‘planning hell’, you should see it as this amazing journey that you share with loved ones, that is ultimately for you and your dearly beloved. Get inventive, try on 50,000 dresses, grab those pair of wedding shoes or silver sandals you’ve been eyeing (I’m not winking at you, there’s something in my eye). Really try and enjoy every second of the planning, it may seem like a lot of work, but it’s certainly not as hard as it seems, trust me!

Halfway out of the Depressive Dark

Try and turn your mentality into more of a ‘glass half full’ scenario. The way I see it, is that from December 21st on the Winter Solstice, we are halfway out of the dark. Nights are slowly getting longer and brighter which means one thing; summer is coming! I know that not everyone likes the summer (which boggles my mind, but I’m biased), but you can’t deny that sunshine and warmth makes everyone feel so much happier.

It's Almost Valentine's Day

I believe it’s common knowledge that the 14th February is the most popular day for people to become engaged. Heck, I’ve even helped plan an engagement that will be happening on the 14th! (Don’t worry, she has absolutely no idea). So for all you hopefuls out there, this year could be the one!


Propose yourself? This is the 21st century after all, so the common myth that the man has to propose is long since gone, or even if you’re proposing to a woman, there’s no time like the present! If the relationship feels right, and you feel like you both would be ready to take that next step, then why not propose? Get a few family and close friends to stand with letter balloons that spell out ‘Marry Me’ outside their bedroom window (that may be cliché, but it was off the top of my head – don’t blame me).

Plus don’t fret, it’s only three hundred and forty four days until Christmas!

All in all, let’s make 2018 a spectacular year. While some people ‘hope for a better year’, you really have to put the elbow grease in. If you work on making 2018 your year, you’ll be sure to do so!

On a side note, I will say this to you; please remember those around you who do suffer or are prone to depression / depressive thoughts. If anyone you know may struggle with depression, why not make their day and give them a phone call to check up on them, or take them out for a coffee? Offer a helping hand whenever / wherever you can. Believe me, I have been and still get trapped into that mindset, and sometimes the little things really do count and mean a lot.