While shopping around for wedding shoes / everyday occasion wear shoes, many of us seem to neglect the key feature of a shoe that we should really be dependent – comfort. For a lot of women out there, uttering that dreaded word brings up horrible images of flat shoes, trainers, and other footwear you would never dream of wearing – including crocs. The thing is, a comfort shoe isn’t like those pair of reliable ones you stash in your wardrobe, and only wear when not in the company of others. In fact, comfort technology has advanced so much in footwear nowadays, so your feet can feel super luxurious and still make the perfect statement. Here at Paradox London Pink, we pride ourselves on bringing stylish shoes for bridal and occasion wear, while ensuring that comfort remains paramount in the design.

It’s not only down to the cushioned sole or comfort padded lining, there are many factors in choosing a shoe that will ultimately make them perfect for you. We’ve amalgamated these into factors below that you should keep in mind when choosing your shoes.

Not high-high, but like, high

I think we’ve all seen a pair of high stilettos and thought “have mercy”, and yet enviously wished to have them. Mine was with a pair of Christian Loboutin ballet stilettos. I wouldn’t be able to wear them, but I wanted them. First thing’s first is to take a look at what you usually wear. Are you used to high stilettos, or do you normally opt for flats? If it’s the latter, but you want a bit of height on your big day, a kitten heel would be perfect for you. Apart from being a current trend in the fashion world, they will keep your feet at a comfortable height.

If you’re a lover of a higher stiletto, and are one of the wonderous percentage of women that can walk effortlessly in them, then don’t shy away to a lower heel because “it’s sensible”! Just be sure that your feet will be able to survive standing up for long periods of time – and even the dancing. What would be sensible, is having a back up pair of lower heels that you can use to party in. Save the higher stilettos for the ceremony and pictures!

You look strapping

Different shoe styles have different levels of security. No, that doesn’t mean you need a lock and key, but shoes with a strap will feel more secure on your foot that a pump. If you do worry about your shoes flying off into the wind, then a pair of straps would be an ideal choice for you. Ankle straps aren’t always a must. If you have wider ankles (and some of us do, there’s no shame at all in that), then you may opt for a Mary-Jane style. The strap across the foot will give you equal security, without any discomfort from an ankle strap.