Pantone announced recently (I’m a couple of weeks out, but it’s pretty close) their new colour of the year for 2018, which is Ultra Violet. A gorgeous concoction of the cosmos, this colour is vibrant and full of life and potential. The company themselves have stated that the colour is ‘dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.’ It’s definitely safe to say that with the problems we’ve faced in the world in recent years, that a colour which metaphorically ‘looks to the future’ is exactly the kind of motivation we need.

Without further ado, we’ll give you some gorgeous tips for using this colour both in your wardrobe, and at your wedding, as well as showcasing some gorgeous images that we’ve seen on our Pinterest board.

As I said, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this shoe was that is was a gorgeous cocktail of intergalactic gasses and lights. It’s such a relaxing colour, as it’s the shade the sky would become before submerging into the deepest blues and blacks at night. That being said, allow that cosmic influence ooze itself into your everyday outfits and accessories, and become the vibrant fashionista that any party-goer would be jealous of.

ultra violet colour 1

These are just some of the dresses and outfits that I’ve seen on our Pinterest board that caught my eye. I think it may be tricky to track down outfits in this shade, so if you see any, be sure you snap them up!

The next thing is what shoes to wear with this sumptuous colour. If it’s a flowing dress you choose to wear, or a vibrant skirt you adorn, or even if it’s a pair of violet trousers (I’m sure it’s possible), I would suggest to pair with a glittery pair of silver sandals. While gold is still a good choice, to me that’s more of a royal colour scheme, and I’d rather pair such a saturated violet with a mustard yellow than gold.

ultra violet colour 2

Take a look at our range of silver sandals, especially our block heel ‘Sadie’. The iridescent glitter will give you the perfect galaxy palette you need to wear the perfectly chosen colour of the year for 2018.

ultra violet colour 3