Something I’ve been thinking about quite recently is; how do you find & choose the perfect ring to propose? Also something I’ve been thinking about is proposing to my partner, so how I would go about finding the perfect sized and styled ring? Sounds easy right? Well I’ll tell you honestly that I had no idea how to approach this situation up until now.

A lot of jewellery retailers like Ernest Jones tell you to try and ‘use one of your partners’ existing rings’ to measure the size of it. How then, do you go about finding said ring size if your partner doesn’t wear jewellery at all? You may sometimes find old rings lying about the house, but if they haven’t worn them for a long time, it’s difficult to know if they’re still reliable.

ernest jones ring size Example of the Ernest Jones Ring Size Chart

There’s option two of course, which I discovered from Pandora. Taking a piece of string (or using the measuring strap they supply), placing it around the finger, marking the point where the string connects, and measure the length to find the right size. Again, this is problematic as it’s difficult to place a piece of string around his finger at night, especially when he’s a very light sleeper.

Pandora Ring Fairytale Sparke Ring Courtesy of Pandora

Then of course there’s the ‘easier’ (and quite honestly sensible) option; picking the ring that you think would work best, and having it resized afterwards. Although that may take the charm out, because the thrill of seeing and putting on the ring is second-to-none. Having to wait for it to be resized before you can put it on must be the worst waiting game.

Indulgence ring 2

The last option is advice taken from a colleague of mine. She said she ‘would absolutely not ever, NEVER let her partner choose the ring’. She, and-her-now husband mutually decided to get engaged and then went ring shopping, so she could choose the right colour, size, and cut, as well as being able to try it on herself. That way she's happy with her decision, and he doesn’t have to be anxious about choosing the wrong one.

The biggest question is; what should I do?

More importantly, what would you do?