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Advice and articles on planning the perfect wedding day

  1. What style of wedding shoes shall I wear?

    Finding the right wedding shoes will depend on a variety of different factors; your personal preference and style, your chosen colour palette, the dress, comfort and anything else you could possibly think of! Getting your shoes right for your special day is essential. We have categorised our collections by the type of wedding to help you refine your search for...
  2. Bride to Be Boxes | Bridal Planning Perfected

    Bride to Be Boxes | Bridal Planning Perfected
    It’s a common fear of any bride-to-be that planning a wedding can be overwhelming. The hurricane of butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you say ‘yes’ can quickly be replaced with trepidation for the organising that is yet to come. But why should it be like that? As we all know, a wedding is a wondrous occasion with memories that...
  3. Wedding Photographer – 10 tips on capturing the perfect one

    Wedding Photographer – 10 tips on capturing the perfect one
    One of the most important parts of your wedding day is the memories that you take away from it. This is your special day, and you’ll want to forever cherish it, so finding a photographer that will create an album to your taste and liking is crucial. I’m going to highlight the best ways of finding and working with a...
  4. Greenery is the new Serenity

    Greenery is the new Serenity
    Green never looked so regal Reflecting on the distinct colours of 2016, the like mindedness of Rose Quartz and Serenity created the perfect balance between well-being and calmness. Pantone identified these hues in the business of day-to-day life, and cultivated them as a way of centering around a place of reflection and peace. For any fashionable bride, what better way of incorporating this symbolism by...
  5. Summer Weddings; What Will You Be Seeing?

    Summer Weddings; What Will You Be Seeing?
    Whether we realize or not we all play into trends, could be because we see a lot more of those styles subconsciously through pinterest, blogs and magazines or if it’s because the trends are all that is widely available. Trends should be embraced, why not enjoy what’s happening during that moment and be up to date with what’s ‘in’ as...
  6. The Wedding Checklist

    The Wedding Checklist
    Planning the perfect wedding takes time and patience - and you should always go in prepared! Download our Wedding Checklist today and get your Wedding on the right track from the start! Download your wedding Checklist Here  

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