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  1. Occasion Shoes for my Next Event

    I’m going to garden party, what shoes shall I wear? One of the phobias that many shoe lovers have is the dreaded enemy of all stilettos – grass. Regardless of the type of garden party you’re attending, you still want to look your best, but towering stilettos may not be the best choice. Don’t ignore the calling of espadrilles –...
  2. The Big Night: Summer Prom

    The Big Night: Summer Prom
    How do I stand out but also fit in with my choice of shoes? I will give you one piece of advice that goes far; COMPLIMENTS. No, not as in the compliments people give you (although they will when you heed this advice), but the compliments of fashion. Delicate palette colours such as baby pinks, blue and greens look fabulous...
  3. Packing shoes for a holiday

    Packing shoes for a holiday
    Which shoes shall I pack for my holiday? Assuming you’re heading to a sun-drenched tropical island, pack a few pairs of shoes that will survive an array of weather. Last thing you’d need (and I’m touching wood while saying this) is to arrive at your holiday destination and it’s pouring with rain and all you have are flat sandals packed...
  4. What can I wear in the office (and get it right)?

    What can I wear in the office (and get it right)?
    Shall I wear, heels or sandals to work in the summer? The answer to this question varies from job to job. You wouldn’t necessarily wear a pair of silver flat sandals to a board meeting with twenty other people or a pair of 5 inch heels if your job requires a lot of walking. The best way to approach this...
  5. Bank Holiday Madness

    Bank Holiday Madness
    What a perfect time for a bank holiday! After all of the miserable weather we’ve had for the past few weeks, It’s about time we have a good bit of warmth and sunshine on a holiday! Of course it all depends with what you’re going to be doing. For a lot of us it will be spending times with the...
  6. Balmy Weather

    Balmy Weather
    The weatherman’s predicted. My bones can feel it. I’m pretty sure you can smell it (by smell I mean the smoke from barbeques). The UK is set to have a few days of glorious sunshine and warmth, and I know we’re all excited for it! Our Facebook page has been filled with posts of people preparing for the sunny streak...
  7. Wedding Superstitions

    Wedding Superstitions
    Superstition ain’t the way, or is it? We were working in the office the other day, and one of our designers had a mini heart-attack when we put a pair of new shoes on the table. It got me thinking; why are we so superstitious, and why are we even more so on our wedding day – even if we...
  8. Footwear Style Trends for Spring 2018

    Footwear Style Trends for Spring 2018
    It’s finally here! This Winter seems like it’s been going on for far too long. I don’t think the recent ‘Beast from the East’ has helped, and has scuppered plans for everyone up and down the country! A quick mention to all those who got married on the blustery weekend just gone – I hope everything went okay! But now...
  9. Shoe Dyeing? Easy.

    Shoe Dyeing? Easy.
    After the incredible inspiration and wonder that Fashion Week gives us all, there are many things we can adorn our wardrobes with this coming Spring. One of the biggest themes we’ve seen replicated across many designers such as Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors is ice cream hues. That’s right, pastel colours are back, and we can expect much of these...
  10. Perfect Wedding | Issue 144 | March 2018

    Perfect Wedding | Issue 144 | March 2018

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