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  1. Which Clutch Bag are you?

    Which Clutch Bag are you?
    As the days draw in and the nights become longer, we reluctantly start swapping our summer wear for something a little more suited to the British Autumn. With this change in the seasons the first question we often get asked is; what can I wear for an Autumn event? Occasions like the TV Choice awards, Roaring 20s style parties, preparation...
  2. Benjamin Adams Evening Gallery

  3. Benjamin Adams Bridal Gallery

  4. Perfect Wedding - March 2012

    Perfect Wedding - March 2012

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  5. Wedding Ideas - October 2011

    Wedding Ideas - October 2011

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  6. Wedding Ideas - November 2010

    Wedding Ideas - November 2010

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  7. Wedding - September 2009

    Wedding - September 2009

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  8. Northern Ireland's Wedding Journal - September 09

    Northern Ireland's Wedding Journal - September 09

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