It’s a common fear of any bride-to-be that planning a wedding can be overwhelming. The hurricane of butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you say ‘yes’ can quickly be replaced with trepidation for the organising that is yet to come. But why should it be like that? As we all know, a wedding is a wondrous occasion with memories that we cherish forever (especially when you get your wedding shoes, am I right?), so shouldn’t the build-up and planning feel the same way? This led us to the ingenious Bride to Be boxes by Claire Louise Creates.

I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say ‘what’s that?’, but I’ll explain anyway.

Bride to Be pleasantly surprised

Bride to be boxes Layout 1

Quite simply, it’s a box specifically tailored for brides who need a little guidance in planning for their wedding. These boxes are designed to ‘inspire, assist and indulge you as you prepare for your big day’ – so naturally I picked up one to have a look for myself.

By first impression, it seemed to be a little box of surprises, and I assure you, it certainly is. Encased in perfectly wrapped tissue paper of the brightest mint green, was a selection of items that could do nothing but make me smile.

The theme based around the boxes appears to be that traditional wedding folklore rhyme that coincidentally tends to be overlooked by so many;

‘Something old,

something new,

something borrowed,

something blue,

and a silver sixpence in her shoe.’

Bride to Be Box Gifts

When it comes to the rhyme, it can be a challenge to find such items to bring the bride good luck, and in most cases is left until the last minute. But inside the boxes contains everything you could possibly need to bring you luck for your big day.

Something old - A lucky sixpence to slip in your bridal shoe (haven’t you got a shoe? Oh, we… Promise… we can help you there. Haha).

Something new - An enamel Bride to Be badge in a cute heart or funky diamond shape (you can choose either!).

Something borrowed - A list of suppliers who they know and love, and advice from fellow brides.

Something blue - Pretty hair clips created by talented bridal hairpiece designer Claire Austin.

What you’ll find as well in this perfect little hamper is a wall calendar, created by an expert wedding planner. You’ll be able to list all the important dates you need to remember, like that shoe fitting – I mean dress fitting. Not only that, but there’s a perfect ‘planning my happily ever after’ pencil that will help you to tick off every step you make towards your big day!

What better way to record your journey to becoming a bride that writing it all down? With the little journal included, you’ll be sure to feel like your childish self again scribbling your cherished moments for you to look back on.

Bride to be Box journal

Need a hand with asking your friend to stand as your bridesmaid? The stunning personalised card printed with glittering gold inside the Bride to Be box will make it impossible for her to say no! (and will no doubt bring a tear to her eye).

And finally, a heart shaped balloon. Which personally, was the icing on the cake.

All in all, these well-thought-out Bride to Be boxes are the help you need for organising your upcoming big day. Remember, this is going to be the best day of your life, so enjoy every single second you have in planning it – and with these boxes, it’s easily done.

Bride To Be Box Layout 2