What a perfect time for a bank holiday! After all of the miserable weather we’ve had for the past few weeks, It’s about time we have a good bit of warmth and sunshine on a holiday! Of course it all depends with what you’re going to be doing. For a lot of us it will be spending times with the kids and family, and it’s not too often that we get a day off at the same time (lucky for your kids if their school was closed for the poll day, my kid’s school wasn’t. They were furious).

Now I’m going to thinking about what to wear! There’s the toss up of; going through boxes of dresses that I put away last summer and finding a number that makes me shout “Oh! I forgot I had this!”. Or I might take the easy way out and head straight down to Oxford Street and pick out something new. I know which one is the wisest choice, but I want to do the more appealing choice. In my defense, the box of said dresses is in the attic, and I currently have no ladder to be able to get in there, so bang goes that option! A new dress it is!

I think the last thing I’m (of course) going to be thinking about is what shoes to wear! It’s an excuse to wear flip flops, but I’m not feeling the flip flop vibe just yet. I want to pull out all the stops and dress like it’s the last day of Summer, and given the UK’s track record, it very well could be. There’s two shoes I’m torn between, which is the iridescent sparkly Nirvana flats in silver, or it’s the bejewelled Majesty sandals, also in silver. What can I say? I’m a silver sandals kind of gal!

Oh well, as a treat for all of us, be sure to snap up the 20% bank holiday deal we've got going on our website this weekend!

Enjoy, and see you all next week!

P x