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  1. Mordern Vintage

    Wedding shoes are no longer confined to the boundaries of Ivory or White silk satin. The definition of a bridal shoe is now a broad category with endless opportunities. The 2015 Benjamin Adams collection sees the revival of classic thin straps, vintage styling and the introduction of illusion fabrics. The collection is brought to life through hints of metallic glitter...
  2. Benjamin Adams 2014 Bridal Shoe Photo Shoot

    Benjamin Adams 2014 Bridal Shoe Photo Shoot
    Althorp set in Northamptonshire was the chosen location for the 2014 Benjamin Adams bridal shoe shoot, a stunning setting and the former home of Lady Diana Spencer. The setting gave the crew the opportunity to indulge in quintessential images, the picture gallery gave us a back drop for a great gatsby look, this shot our model was wearing a designer...
  3. Benjamin Adams Evening Gallery

  4. Benjamin Adams Bridal Gallery

  5. British Bridal Exhibition Harrogate UK - March 2011

    British Bridal Exhibition Harrogate UK - March 2011

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  6. Perfect Wedding - Issue 70

    Perfect Wedding - Issue 70

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  7. Perfect Wedding - Issue 69

    Perfect Wedding - Issue 69

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  8. Image Weddings

    Image Weddings

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  9. Brides


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  10. Braut & Brautigam - September 2013

    Braut & Brautigam - September 2013

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