Huge congratulations! You’ve just got engaged; now let that really sink in... What an amazing moment in your life, this time is different for everyone however we’ve put together a few tips to hopefully help you help saviour this moment and start wedding planning for this exciting and life changing time!

  1. Celebrate Your Engagement

First things first, you have to celebrate! You’ve just gotten engaged! Pop the bubbly, kiss and cuddle your official fiancé! Really savour the moment with just the two of you. Don’t update your status before you’ve taken some time out and enjoy the engagement just the two of you!

  1. Parents

Now, obviously you have to tell your parents! Phone them up, pop round their houses, Skype them, just make sure you tell them first as I doubt any parent could think of something worse than finding out their child’s engaged through Facebook or a family friend!

  1. Friends

Now the parents are up to date you can go ahead and tell everyone else! Start to bat around ideas for venues, dress and wedding shoes – your friends will be as excited as you for this!


As if we ever need an excuse BUT what better time than an engagement! I mean who wouldn’t want a beautiful photo to 1) share to friends 2) show off that ring and 3) to look back on years later to remember that special moment.

  1. THE Talk

Not the most enjoyable part but one that needs to be done, time to discuss the budget! You’ll need to work out who’s paying, how much you’re looking to spend and get saving! Even better, split the budget into sections – dresses, venues, shoes, entertainment and gifts.

  1. Party Picking

The one your friends will be waiting on with baited breath, you need to pick and tell who are your bridesmaids or groomsmen!

  1. Where and When

Sit down and get planning: figure out when you’re going to want to tie that knot, are you in a rush or do you want to relax and give yourself a year or 2 to save and plan? Set yourself that timeframe then start thinking about where; outside? Inside? Abroad?! Possibilities!


  1. Guest List

There’s no need to set anything in stone just yet but just have a little discussion; how big do you want the wedding? Small and casual with just immediate friends and family or are you thinking huge and every ancestor ever to have graced this Earth?

  1. Wedding Fairs

This might not be the most exciting way to spend a day for your fiancé so maybe take a couple of friends and make a day of it, then go back to the fiancé with a selection from the fair, they are a great way to get inspiration, check out vendors and maybe a few free samples might tempt the fiancé into joining you?

Look out for deals on all of the elements surrounding the day and remember to enter as many competitions as possible!

  1. Holiday?

I know you have to start your saving but as that saying goes you only live once! Why not go on a small weekend away to really celebrate your engagement and let you stay in that happy bubble a little bit longer before returning to normal life.

  1. Parent Trap

It’s time for each of you to sit down with your parents and mention the dreaded ‘m’ word; money. I’d advise sitting down with your parents separately so there isn’t any potentially awkward situations, just you, your parents and seeing whether they want to, whether they can and whether they will help out financially with your special day!

  1. Honey Moon

I know this sounds a bit soon seen as they’ve only just put a ring on it, it may be a while off yet but it’s always good to start a discussion of possible honey moon locations! What better way to let yourself daydream, plus it gives you that extra time to really save for that dream holiday.

If you’re worried about budgets for honeymoons on top of the wedding, consider a mini-moon first.

  1. Insurance

Not the most fun tip but still, make sure you insure that ring just in case!

  1. Pinterest!

As if any of us need another excuse to spend time on surfing the net but if you create a couple Pinterest boards and have a general browse, repining the pieces you love then take a step back and look at your collection it can help you whittle down what you like and what you’re looking for your wedding to be like! Productive.

  1. Mentoring Couple

You have to remember that you are getting married for life and not just the wedding day; It’s expected of you to get caught up in the wedding planning however remember there is still the marriage after to prepare f or. One way to do this is to find a ‘mentoring couple’ basically is there a couple in your life that have a relationship that you would love?! Speak to them and go to them for advice if you are ever in a disagreement or are bickering a bit too often, they will help you put things in perspective!

  1. Do it for you

As said above it’s so easy to get caught up in the planning and wanting to make every guest’s jaw hit the floor and really go ‘WOW’ however you need to remember that this day is for you and your fiancé! Whenever you make decisions from now on ask yourself ‘do I really want this?’ don’t get that 20ft red rose wall just to impress your guests, this is YOUR day, remember that. This will surely save you a lot of money and a lot of worry!

  1. Be Honest

This one can be tricky, but you need to communicate truthfully to your new fiancé! Whether it’s about how much your wedding shoes really cost or whether it’s about whether you really want their brother’s band doing a set at the reception. Be honest! It will save you a lot of stress and arguments down the line if you’re truthful from the get go.

  1. No one’s a mind reader

I think this one is definitely good to keep in mind, we spend so much time with certain people we assume they know everything we’re thinking, however, surprise surprise, they don’t! Communicate clearly and often with your fiancé, make sure they understand how you feel and vice versa, otherwise you’ll be sitting in the corner seething over the fact they haven’t peered into their crystal ball and figured out you don’t want Aunt Marg to read a speech.

  1. Don’t pressure yourself

Getting married is a huge deal, we all have that perfect image in our head of how it goes however that just isn’t real life. The last thing you want to do is start putting pressure on yourself, don’t feel the need to tell yourself you need to lose those 10 pounds before the big day, you’ve fallen in love with each other and find one another perfect the way you are, make sure to remember that.

  1. Enjoy

This one can sometimes be easier said than done, despite the temptation to delve straight into booking and planning absolutely everything,, take it a bit slower, enjoy the moment. If you’re both tired and agitated after a day’s work then put the budget talk off until tomorrow and spend the night slumped in each other’s arms watching a film, it’s not life or death, just enjoy yourself and the process!