About Paradox London

Paradox London was established in 2002 with a key objective of offering high-fashion bridal footwear with an unbeatable service. With a strong customer focus and chic footwear styles, Paradox London was well received by the bridal market and therefore grew rapidly. We achieved our initial objectives and it can be suggested that Paradox London somewhat revolutionized the bridal footwear market with the introduction of fashion reflective styles and an in-stock ordering system.

Today Paradox London is regarded as of one leading bridal footwear providers in the world, with offices in London, Atlanta and Amsterdam. Our product is carried in upscale outlets around the world.The foundation of our company was built on manufacturing having provided and continues to provide design, development and sourcing for major footwear brands for over 30 years.

We have two different brands that cater for different tastes and most importantly different budgets. Our broad product portfolio consolidates consumer tastes and budgets, allowing retailers to enjoy a fast, effective and profitable buying experience. Our product speaks for itself with styling evocative of the latest catwalk and red carpet trends, constructed from the finest quality fabrics and components.